Wolli Creek – Birds and Fungi – 2 July 2018

I spent and interesting and enjoyable day wandering along the Two Valleys Track from Bexley North to Tempe, and then a short trip to Tempe Wetlands. I took two cameras – one  with a telephoto lens for birds and one with macro lens for fungi.

The fungi was not great, but reasonable. The birds were quite good. I didn’t find much in the first section, so proceeded to the  open grassy area where I took some time photographing to Welcome Swallows. Here is a selection – 

In some of the photos, when seen full size, you can see the Swallow with its beak open – and in front of it is an insect. There were also a few Ne Holland Honeyeaters around.

I then continued on and found some fungi –

At one place, I observed some small  yellow/orange lumps on a rotten log. They look interesting, so I took a photo, and later a few ultra macro photos. It seems to be a slime mould –

Then at the second open grassy area, more Honeyeaters –

I then crossed the road near Bardwell Park Station and continued into Girrahween Park. As I continued, I found some more fungi –

Near the old swimming pool. I again found a white coral fungus, what is probably a species of Aphelaria. I have observed the same fungus growing here since 22 March.

And some more birds, such as this Silvereye –

Near the Flying Fox Camp, On one living tree I observed two varieties of fungi –

And some more fungi near Nanny Goat Hill –

And a grebe in the creek –

I then entered Turrella Reserve. Here I was presented with an amazing spectacle. Overhead was flying a White Bellied Sea Eagle. It was being harassed by a few Ravens –

This was the first Sea Eagle I have observed along Wolli Creek. I then stopped for lunch, and then slowly continued around the lower perimeter of the Reserve. I photographed some of the usual birds –

Just about to leave the Reserve, I spotted another raptor –

I am not sure what this bird is and it was quite distant. Perhaps a Sparrowhawk or Goshawk?

I didn’t see too much along the track to Tempe. A Pelican was cruising in the creek near the Velodrome –

I then crossed the Cooks River. Near Tempe Station, there is a large storm drain – what was once a creek, that enters the Cooks River. Here I noticed a Heron.

And then an Egret flew in –

The Heron looked unusual in the water flowing from the drain with its thin film of oil on the surface –

I then spent twenty minutes or so, watching both birds catching fish. They were later joined by a second Egret a little further downstream.

All the birds seems quite successful with their strike rate.

A Magpie Lark joined them – perhaps hoping for some leftovers?

I then walked back down to the Cooks River and under the railway bridge. A Cormorant was drying its wings.

And more on fatima Island –

I didn’t see too many birds at theTempe Wetlands. Here are a few –

More photos of the fungi are online here on my website together with identifications.





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