Photographing Some Planets – 1 July 2018

At present, quite a few planets are easily seen from Sydney – all quite early in the evening. These are Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn – all visible at dusk, and a bit later Mars appears.


In the early evening, I went outside, and just using my camera and telephoto lens (with teleconverter) I took a few hand held shots of three of the planets. I think the results are quite reasonable given the little trouble I went to to get the photos. 

Jupiter and 4 Moons

Here is a picture of Jupiter taken from Stellarium showing the moons –

Technical details – lens used – 100-400 mm f 4 – 5.6 zoom with a 1.4x Teleconverter. All photos taken with an effective aperture of f8 and a focal length of 560 mm. All photos heavily cropped.

Venus (showing a phase)

  • Saturn – 560 mm, f8, 1/200 sec, 1600 ISO
  • Jupter – 560 mm, f8, 1/200 sec. 1600 ISO
  • Venus – 560 mm, f8, 1/400 sec, 800 ISO
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