Dover Heights to Watsons Bay Walk – 27 June 2018

It was a wet day, but I was keen to get outdoors, so I caught a train to Bondi Junction and then a bus to Dover Heights. I got off near the Rodney Reserve and walked to it from Military Road.

On the way, I had been checking the weather radar. There was some rain, and it looked like a shower would pass over the area soon. I looked out to sea for whales – without spotting any. A few Fairy Wrens were closer – so I took a few photos of them.

It indeed looked like bad weather was on the way.

I left the Reserve and walked to the Dudley Page Reserve. This time I was the only one there.

I started walking back to the sea cliffs, but on the way it started raining quite heavily, so I walled back to a nice old style bus shelter and sat down to wait out the rain. From the bus shelter I cold even photograph some Wattle Birds in the trees on the far side of the street. It was a pleasant wait. After twenty minutes I could resume my walk.

A group of New Holland Honeyeaters were also out playing now the rain had stopped.

A little further along a spotted a beautiful Nankeen Kestrel flying around. I swopped down and landed on a post. I grabbed a few photos.

I though it worth waiting, and was ready to get more photos when it took off. This took a while, but again the wait was worth it –

The Kestrel then flew far away, so I kept going on my way. More views of cliffs at Diamond Bay. Out at sea I spotted a solitary Sea Eagle.

On the far side of Diamond Bay, I stopped to admire a rainbow.

It seemed to be fining up, and there was even some Sun. I kept looking for whales – and eventually spotted one a fair way out.

Past the lighthouse, I stopped to photograph some more birds –

Then some nice views looking towards the city.

It was not far to The Gap. I climbed up to the lookout on the northern bluff. A good spot for lunch and a rest and more looking for whales. I saw quite a few Whale Watching Boats heading out through the heads, and through binoculars I could see a few whales – but all too far out to get good photos. Closer was a Sea Eagle flying past –

Then it was time to get a Ferry back to the city.


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