Taronga Zoo – Visit on 2 June 2018

I was joined on this visit to the Zoo by Digi Dave. We spent a day photographing the animals.

It was quite windy on the day with threatening rain, so we concentrated on the animals that were indoors – the Nocturnal House and the Reptile House. Here are some photos from the Nocturnal House – 

And the Platypus House –

Here are some photos taken in the Reptile (and Amphibian) House –

Digi Dave hadn’t seen the new Tiger Enclosure, so we made a point of visiting it. We could not see a tiger in the first area, it must have been asleep. The second area had an active tiger – but it was pacing back and forth behind some bushes and difficult to see. So we moved on to the next compound. There were two tigers, easily visible, but asleep. We waited and were lucky. One of them awoke and started pacing around near one of the windows. It then went over to the other tiger and lay down next to it. Then they both got up and started walking towards us. Our patience had been rewarded.

Seeing the real tigers contrasts to outside the enclosure – seeing one of the many animal representations prepared for display under lights at Vivid that evening. Why would anyone want to see these toy animals rather than the real ones?

Not only this, but some areas were off bounds due to the Vivid display. A shame!

Here are some Regent Honeyeaters and a Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby from the Blue Mountains Bushwalk section –

Here are some of the other animals we saw –


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