Royal National Park – Bola Ck and Bonnie Vale – 1 June 2018

Digi Dave and myself headed down to Royal National Park for a day of photography. We started at Bola Creek to see if any fungi was out.

Armillaria sp

It was very dry at Bola Creek – the driest I have ever seen the area I think. Not very much fungi could be found. We took a few photos and a tried out a focus stacking sequence or two – but the subjects were not very interesting. 

So we packed our gear, and walked back up to Dave’s car and headed to Bonnie Vale at Bundeena. After parking we headed to the wetlands. Here we found the main pool completely dry! No birds at all.

So we continued on along the path though the campground towards the lagoon. We spotted several Laughing Kookaburras.

At the lagoon, we saw few White Faced Herons and a Cormorant.

Further out in the mangroves we could see a Cormorant fishing, and nearby was a White Faced Heron hoping to grab some fleeing fish or crabs.

Nearby we spotted a small group of Royal Spoonbills. They were searching for food in the mud. The White faced Heron joined them  and was later joined by a Great Egret.

Walking back to the carpark via the shore of Port Hacking, we were impressed by the big sea –

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