Vivid 2018 – Sydney’s Light Show – 30 May 2018

I made a visit to Vivid in Sydney on a Wednesday evening. I arrived at Circular Quay before the lights were turned on and made my way onto the Cahill Expressway to start getting some photos.

It was not too crowded on the night – at least at first. But more people seemed to arrive as time went on. After getting some photos from the Cahill Expressway I descended to the Quay and then travelled to near the Passenger Terminal for photos of the Opera House.

I thought the designers had done a pretty good job this year with the art shown on the sails. It takes about 15 minutes to cycle through.

Next, I went to the MCA. Here the cycle takes about 10 minutes. Again – it was interesting to watch. There was a lot of crowd control barriers in place – but it was not too difficult to get a place to get clear photos without people being in front. However the camera was a little too close to the front of the building and the photos show distortion.

Next – I went to the Opera House and through the Botanic Gardens. This year, the gardens are a key part of Vivid – with a lot of installations. Some simple, some complex, most of them interesting. This year you have to do a long one way loop through and come out some back passage near the Quay. Here are some more photos –


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