Birds at Tempe – 12 May 2018

I was originally planning to attend a field activity at Bola Creek in Royal National Park held by the Sydney Fungal Studies Group, but that event had been cancelled – due to forecast rain on the day, and also a very dry period of weather that would mean little fungi would be out. So I now had Saturday free – and was able to join the Tempe Birdos for their monthly bird count.

Golden Whistler

The group meets on the second Saturday of each month at the lower pool at the Tempe Wetlands at 7:30 am. Then the group splits not two Рone half surveying the wetlands and the other surveying Tempe Reserve. We fish with morning tea at the Reserve. 

Pacific Black Duck

I was in the group at the Wetlands and we found quite a few interesting birds. A new bird for me was a Golden Whistler РI was able to photograph both male and female (I later realised I had  photographed a female Golden Whistler a few days earlier at Oatley Park).

Golden Whistler – male

Golden Whistler – female

Some in the group spotted a Scarlet Honeyeater. Unfortunately I didn’t see or photograph it. But we also later saw an Eastern Spinebill. This is the first one I had seen in the area.

One of people present spotted a Rufous Fantail. I had seen one the previous Sunday at the Wetlands. We all spotted numerous Grey Fantails.

On the way to Morning tea at the Reserve, we spotted two male and one female Red Rumped Parrots feeding in the grass.

After morning tea, I did a circuit of the Reserve. Some of the group surveying that area had seen a Sea Eagle. I was keen to see if I could spot it. I didn’t. So I went back to the Wetlands and was planning to have another look for the Scarlet Honeyeater. I went via the Wastelands – an area between Alexandria Canal and the Container Depot. I saw a few White faced Herons –

But coming back along the higher path I spotted a raptor – what I think is a (juvenile) Brown Goshawk –

It was perched just above the path and as I approached it flew to a higher tree, but was soon moved on by resident ravens.

Some of the other birds I photographed, the usual New Holland Honeyeaters –

And one of the many Superb Fairy Wrens –

This was a very pleasant morning.

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