Taronga Zoo – Visit on 11 May 2018

It had been a while since I had visited the zoo, and since the forecast was for it to be cold and windy, I thought the zoo could be a good venue.

Even on a windy day, parts of the zoo are quite sheltered, and there are indoor sections like the Nocturnal House. When I arrived, I started off at the Blue Mountains Bushwalk section. The Platypus was reasonably active – 

And so where the Regent Honeyeaters –

I visited this section again, after lunch, and this time was able to get some nice photos of a Sacred Kingfisher.

At the Gorilla enclosure, when I visited they had just been fed. It was interesting watching the baby, now about 8 months old (see my earlier photos here) –

And the Pygmy Hippos. The baby was given a nice face rub by its mother –

The Tasmanian Devil –

I went to the Bird Show twice. It is a great place to practice getting birds in flight photos. First the noon show –

And later the 3 pm show –


The Nocturnal House. Here, you need to be quiet and patient to see the animals. Many people seem to walk through and see very little.

And the nearby also very dark Platypus enclosure –

And a Bower Bird from the rainforest Aviary –

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