Fungi at Sassafras Gully – 10 May 2018

After returning recently from Tasmania, I was keen to check out one of my local areas – Sassafras Gully, at Springwood for fungi. Coachwood Glen had been very dry the week before, and that is usually a much moister place being higher up the mountains and deep in a cool valley. But weather records indicated that Springwood had more rain than Blackheath – but this was back around the end of April.

As it turned out – the fungi was very poor. I looked carefully in places I knew from previous trips should be good – but found very little and what I did find was in poor condition. Here are a few more photos – 

One species I found, a Ophiocordyceps robertsii, was the same specimen that I photographed on an earlier trip (25 March 2018) – so this species is quite robust.

And a bird, an Eastern Yellow Robin –

On this trip, I went in via the track at the end of Sassafras Gully Road and walked down to the Lagoon at Glenbrook Creek and returned via the Wiggins Track.

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