Coachwood Glen Fungi – 3 May 2018

After returning from the magnificent fungi that were out in Tasmania, I was keen to see some local fungi. I had been talking to Liz from the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc about a Blue Mountains trip, and we decided to have a look at Coachwood Glen. On the visit, we were joined by Gemma and Mark.

Coachwood Glen is at Blackheath on the road down to Megalong. On our visit – we found conditions very dry. I think the driest I have ever seen it. But we did manage to find sone interesting species. One was this which we think is a Gomphus –

Gomphus sp

I think we spotted three waxcaps, one had fallen to bits, one was very tiny, and this reasonable one –

Hygrocybe miniata

Here are some of the other fungi we found –

More photos, together with identifications are online here on my website.

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