Nature at Bicentennial Park – 14 February 2018

This was a short visit to the park. It turned out to be a very hot day, so I cut my visit short and headed home earlier than previous visits. Like before, I walked into the park from Concord West Station and returned the same way.

Due to the heat, I did not see as many of the smaller forest birds like the  wrens as on previous visits. It was also quite noisy due to cicadas Рso harder to hear the birds.

Out at the viewing platform for the wrecks, I noticed many fish jumping high out of the water. Perhaps as much as a metre. Presumably they were after insects. These jumping fish are very hard to photograph. Once you see one jump – then it is hard to get you camera into position and then hard for the camera to focus in time before the fish lands back in the water. This one was the best I could do –

And some of the birds at the Bay –

Back at the main ponds, there were plenty of Black Winged Stilts and Avocets, as well as Pelicans and Teals, with Welcome Swallows swooping around.

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  1. andrewt says:

    mullet jumps always seem like joie de vivre but suprisingly, the most plausible explanation for mullet jumping like this is to get oxygen

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