The Grand Canyon – 7 January 2018

This was the second canyon I visited with Albert for some canyon photography. A day of extreme heat was forecast and the Grand Canyon at Blackheath seemed like a good place to be in on such a day. As it turned out, it reached 38°C in Blackheath and over 47°C in Penrith that day.

We had camped overnight on the Newnes Plateau with John and Chuin Nee and their party. They too had visited Rocky Creek the day before, and some of them also visited Grand Canyon – but from below.

Albert and myself headed off from the Neates Glen carpark and 30 minutes later were at the start of the canyon. Another party, with small children were in the process of abseiling down, and we talked to one of their members – Andrew who had been helping the kids descend.

Then it was our turn to do the abseil. It was a pleasant relief to find ourselves in the cool canyon environment.

Like the day before, the lighting was very harsh and we had to be very selective with what we could attempt to photograph.

We eventually reached the last swim in the canyon. This was where we met Chuin Nee and Ryan about to go up the canyon. The others in their party were still on the track above.

More photos from the day are online here on my website.

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