Tempe Birds – 3 January 2018

After photographing the King High Tide, I cycled around Tempe Reserve looking to see what birds where out.

Swamp Harrier

I spotted a few Koels – male and female near the saltmarsh –

And a White Faced Heron was on the shore –

I then went to the Tempe Wetland. The Willie Wagtail chicks that I had been observing in their nest where now fledglings –

Nearby where some Red Browed Finches. One looked young –

In the middle pool, there was one Great Egret along with a number of Ibis –

In the upper pool, I was looking for Reed Warblers, when all of a sudden a large bird flew out of the reeds. it was a raptor of some sort. I was able to get some photos before it few off. I think it may be a Brown Falcon Swamp Harrier.

Swamp Harrier

This is the first time I had seen a raptor at the wetlands.

Some of the other birds nearby –


White Plumed Honeyeater

There are always a lot of skinks at the wetlands. There are a lot of rocks that provide good hiding places. Recently I had seen a few Blue Tongue Lizards – but have been too slow to photograph them.

Some of the Superb Fairy Wrens –

And more of the Egret –

I finished with a loop around the Reserve. The Heron was still around –

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2 Responses to Tempe Birds – 3 January 2018

  1. Andrew Taylor says:

    Your raptor looks to be a Swamp Harrier. Their flight is distinctive – slow rocking soaring on upswept wings.

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