Sydney Harbour – 2 January 2018

Late in the afternoon I headed to Circular Quay in order to photograph the Supermoon from an interesting location. The weather was not the best – some thunderstorms were moving across Sydney from the west. I was hoping that they would break up before reaching the harbour and there would still be a clear view to the east for the moonrise.

When I got to the Quay,  there was a large cruise liner blocking the view from the west side of the Quay and even as far as Campbells Cove. So I walked out to to Opera House to see what that offered.

The areas was really crowded with people. But the outer area of the Opera House was not too bad. But by this time it had started raining. So I walked back to the Quay. I continued around to Campbells Cove – but the rain still persisted, so I headed back to shelter at the Quay.

It was only just after 6 pm and the moonrise was not till after 8 pm, so I had time to kill. Looking at the weather radar showed a storm was approaching. I checked the timetable and thought that a trip out to Manly and back would offer both shelter from the rain and perhaps some good views of the storm? It did. I caught a ferry to Manly, got off and then caught it back to the city.

When I got back, it was still raining but only lightly, and it was now close to 8pm so it seemed unlikely that there would be a view of the moonrise. The storm was slowly moving to the east.

But the cruise liner had departed and it was clearing from the west – so there was a nice sunset.

No Supermoon – but an interesting few hours.

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