Dawn and Dusk at Katoomba 1 – 2 January 2018

I had been thinking of heading up to Katoomba for a fair while for some dawn photography of the Three Sisters. On a trip last year to Juliets Balcony, I noted that it seemed to be the only lookout where you can view the Three Sisters in profile with the sky behind. I was after a photo with the Sun rising behind the Three Sisters. On the trial i had used an app on my phone to check what i.e. of the year would be best for this – and the only chance seemed to be close to the summer solstice when the Sun rises at its most southerly position. The other requirement was for an atmospheric morning.

This visit was close to the solstice – but the Sun rose a few degrees too far north and the dawn was far from atmospheric. But is was still a nice trip.

I was not feeling too fit, and I caught a train to Katoomba that arrived a little before 7 pm. I then caught a bus out to the Katoomba Falls Kiosk and walked down to Juliets Balcony . This is a small lookout reached from a side track that goes from Furber Stairs to Scenic World.

The afternoon was a bit hazy, and the late afternoon light on the Three Sisters was not too impressive. After a few photos, I wandered out along the old track to Orphan Rock. There was a nice view from the top – and I took a few more photos.

Later in the evening, I was able to take some photos of the Three Sisters lit by the floodlights.

Next morning, I was up early to photograph the dawn from Juliets Balcony. The light was pleasant but not great – and certainly not atmospheric – there was no mist near the Three Sisters and no shafts of sunlight.

I then walked out to Reids Plateau. The track there is currently closed as it is being reinstated. The lookout there provides the best view of Orphan Rock.

I continued on to Katoomba Cascades. I was shocked to see all the discarded plastic bottles and other rubbish nearby – a shame! I continued on the Prince Henry Track to Echo Point.

I stopped at a few places along the way – nice lookouts, and just before Echo Point I was delighted to find some Large Tongue Orchids – right next to the track.

At Echo Point, it was still early in the morning – so few tourists around. I did overhear some base jumpers talking about the tricky landing there.

My last viewpoint was The Three Sisters. I walked out to the lookout above them and also got some wide angle photos of the First Sister.

I then walked back to Echo Point and caught the bus back to Katoomba for breakfast. It was a bright sunny day at Katoomba, but on the train back = it was quite misty at Wentworth Falls and then overcast lower down the mountains.

More photos are online here on my website.

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