Royal National Park – Photo Walk – 5 October 2017

David Hufton invited me to join him on a photo walk in Royal National Park. We chose to do a walk along the Coastal Track south from Wattamolla. This would allow us to photograph landscapes, birds, flowers and perhaps some whales.

We first walked past new track construction to Providential Point. After watching the sea for a while, we climbed up onto the headland and then around the dyke to join the Coastal Track. 

The cliffs near here are quite open and thought to have been this way due to a tsunami thousands of years ago.

We followed the track to Curracurrang and then walked up  the creek to the waterfall and pool.

We then explored the area looking for an aboriginal cave, which we eventually found. It had some handprints and other artwork.

Next, we continued along the Coastal Track to Curracorrong and Eagle Rock. There, we found a nice shady cave on the cliffs to have lunch. While we were eating, a Peregrine falcon flew over and perched on Eagle Rock.

After lunch, I walked across to Eagle Rock and took a few photos. No falcon nearby, but on the way back I did spot a nice echidna.

We then slowly walked back towards Curracorrang. We spent a fair bit of time on one of the coastal lookouts watching the whales cruising past. Unfortunately they were all too far out to sea for good photos.

We stopped again on the cliffs before Wattamolla, and saw quiet a few more whales. Also, a nice Sea Eagle also flew past.

This was a great day. Easy walking in a great location with lots of photographic subjects.

More photos are online here on my website.


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