Parramatta Bike Ride – 2 July 2017

We had recently heard that one of the missing bits of the Parramatta Valley Cycleway had now been completed. So it was worth a ride too see how it is.

I joined John and Seby at the Cooks River Cycleway. While I was waiting I noticed a beached stingray in the mudflats of the river – something I had never observed before. 

After joining John and Seby, we rode upstream along the cycleway to Homebush and then crossed the railway line and the M4 to reach the cycleways of Homebush Bay. We rode through the park and then along to the Newington Arms Depot and to Silverwater Bridge. There, we crossed over to the north side of the river and continued on the cycleway to Parramatta. Sure enough – the missing bit of the cycleway was now competed – as a raised section through the mangroves. So this avoids the former route where you had to negotiate a busy section of road.

The cycleway is now complete between Silverwater Bridge and Parramatta. Well done to those involved in making this possible.

It was a fine day, and lots of there people were also enjoying the cycleway.

At Parramatta, we were joined by Chuin Nee, Jasper and Keith who had gone there by train. After having lunch, we started riding back towards Homebush Bay. This time we rode on the north side cycleway to Meadowbank, then crossed the cycleway bridge south to Rhodes. At Rhodes, we crossed the fairly new bridge that spans the bay and continued around to Bicentennial Park to the cycleways there.

Most of us, then caught the train home from Concord West Station.

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