Bike Ride to Botany Bay – 4 June 2017

John had just picked up his new cargo bike and was keen to take it for a ride. So he headed out along the Greenway for the Cooks River with Chuin Nee, Jasper and Sebastian. I met them on the Cooks River Cycleway and Digi Dave also joined us.

It was beautiful weather for a ride along the river.

We headed downstream to Tempe. At Illawarra Road, we noted that the new ramp on the south side of the river had been completed, replacing the narrow steps. Very welcome! We continued to Gough Whitlam Park, then coursed the river and under the railway bridge at Tempe to the Pacific Highway.

We continued south along the cycleway towards Barton Park and then the big loop to the Fishermans Club and back to the Cooks River where it enters Botany Bay.

Here we stopped for the boys to get out and walk around a bit. Chuin Nee had brought along her amazing home made bubble mix – and made some high bubbles which floated off towards the airport.

As well, I watched some gannets fishing in the river mouth.

We then continued a short way to stop for fish and chips, then a little further down the bay to stop for coffee before returning home.

A nice day for a ride.

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