Bola Creek Fungi – 7 April 2017

Digi Dave and myself headed back into Royal National Park for a day of fungi photography at Bola Creek. Being able to spend the whole day there meant we had the time for god look around to locate species and take the time to set up for photography.

Humidicutis taekeri

The day was very worthwhile. We found a lot of interesting fungi out. Some of the highlights were seeing a lot more trumpet fungi out, seeing a cluster of the pale blue Entoloma ( Inocephalus virescens) and also Digi Dave spotted a nice pair of the rare Humidictis taekeri.

Inocephalus virescens

Trumpet Fungi – Craterellus cornucopides – the Horn of Plenty

There were also a lot of colourful coral fungi out but not that many waxcaps. Here are some ¬†more photos of the fungi (and one slime mould) –

And it was also good to hear and then see a male lyrebird trying to woo a nearby female.

More photos are on my website here.

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