More Birds of the Cooks River – 17 and 20 November 2016

I spent a few hours on two days recently along the Cooks River and (on the second trip) at the Landing Lights Wetland (which is in the catchment) photographing birds and other animals. On both trips I looked to see if I could spot either of the sets of Tawny Frogmouth parents and their chicks – but without success.

Striated Heron

Striated Heron

Here are some of what I found on the 17th – 

crb17nov16-3 crb17nov16-1 crb17nov16-6

At Cup and Saucer Creek Wetland, I found the second (of the three) pools had stakes and netting in it – to support new plants.


Also, nearby in Cup and Saucer Creek, which is lined with steep concrete, I saw a turtle. I doubt they would be able to climb out of the creek, but around there corner in the Cooks River the concrete banks have been removed and there is now a much more wildlife friendly rock bank.


Here are some of what I found on the 20th on the Cooks River, at the Boat Harbour and Cup and Saucer Creek Wetlands –

crb20nov16-3 crb20nov16-2 crb20nov16-1 crb20nov16-5 crb20nov16-4

I don’t often see Spoonbills that far upstream on the Cooks River.

I then rode my bike to The Landing Lights Wetland. It is good to see two recent improvements to the Cycleway. The first was near Tempe Station – the underpass under the railway line used to be underwater during high tides. Now, a new barrier with one way valves has been constructed and it seems to work well.


A little further downstream, there is a new Cycleway Bridge over the river next to the Princess Highway. The new bridge uses an exisiting structure and is much better then the narrow footbridge on the road bridge.


And here are a few photos from the Landing Lights Wetland –

crb20nov16-8 crb20nov16-11 crb20nov16-9 crb20nov16-12 crb20nov16-10 crb20nov16-13


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