Photographing The Supermoon – 14 November 2016

I was not very hopeful I would be able to photograph the Supemoon. Not long before dusk it was raining. But when I checked the weather radar, the rain seemed to be rapidly moving offshore – so I though it may be worth a try.


I caught a train to Circular Quay and then considered options. I had used a Moon Calc website, and was after a photo with the moon rising near the Opera House. The best places seemed to be near the Overseas Passenger terminal or on the Harbour Bridge. As there was a massive cruise ship at the Terminal, I headed to the bridge.


I found a good position and then waited. To the west, the clues had cleared  and a nice sunset was taking place. But to the east Рwhere the moon would soon rise was a few cloud banks. The only good thing was the cruise ship was moving off.

sm14nov16-1 sm14nov16-2

I waited till after the moon should have risen, without seeing it. But there were a few small gaps in the clouds not too high up. the rising moon would have to pass through them. So I quickly;t walked down to the wharf just north of the Passenger Terminal to try my luck there.

sm14nov16-4 sm14nov16-6

Not long after I arrived the moon did indeed pass into the first of the gaps. So I grabbed a few shots. Then the moon went behind more clouds. I moved further down the terminal and waited for it to enter the second gap. Then a few more photos.

sm14nov16-7 sm14nov16-8

I took one last photo near home when the sky was clearer – but by then the moon was quite high in the sky and there were no reference objects.


More photos are on my website here.

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