Old Todd’s Hut at Kingdom Come

During the week I did a walk with my sisters and their husbands to Kingdom Come in Heathcote National Park. Or, more accurately – the walk was through the park, with Kingdom Come being just outside it.

Old Todd's Hut

Old Todd’s Hut

Kingdom Come, or KC for short, is a historic bushwalkers campsite on the Woronora River and it is right next to a great swimming spot – the Boobera¬†Pool. It is a place that my parents frequently visited during the early 1950’s with other members of the Rucksack Club.


During lunch, both my sisters mentioned that, on one trip to KC with my parents, they remember being shown¬†the ruins of an old hut – known as “Old Todd’s Hut”. So we looked for the ruins and soon found the place. After bushfires, all that remains are some stone walls. It looks like the hut was made from local materials – rocks, that had been cemented together. It is impossible work out what material the roof would have been made from.


It seems that “Old Todd” was a bushwalker, presumably old, and when he found a spot he liked, then he would construct a hut there. These huts would be built in places that would be hard to find unless you knew where to look. This is certainly the case with the one at KC. You cannot see it unless you are really close to it. I think it may have been constructed in the 1930’s.


It would be interesting to know if anyone knows who “Old Todd” was, and where else he built similar huts. Perhaps in other places near the Woronora River or in Royal National Park?

Boobera Pool

Boobera Pool

The Boobera Pool was a bit cold for swimming, but the walk from and back to Heathcote was very pleasant with lots of wildflowers out, including some nice orchids.

kc6oct16-1 kc6oct16-7

More photos are online on my website here.

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4 Responses to Old Todd’s Hut at Kingdom Come

  1. Colin Gibson says:

    Great to see, Dave. That was Todd Sloane of the Rucksack Club (formerly The Hikers Club of Sydney). Todd was still active in the 1950’s, but probably was a bit older than the majority of members at that time, I suspect. I also was told that some people called the track to Winifred Falls from the Bundeena Drive “Toddy’s Track”.

  2. Nathan Johnson says:

    Hi David, thanks for sharing. I wanted to ask and send you some pictures in regards an old trail, some structures, and to see if you know or anybody else knows about the history of this area.

    anyone else want pictures to help identify what these structures are, or what used to be there south of the Boobera pool trail, within the heathcote national park, my email is [email protected]

    thanks in advance

  3. Matt says:

    Hi David,

    I went to Kingdom Come on Tuesday. Excellent walk. I was wondering where Old Todd’s Hut was in relation to the campsite and old rucksack notices. Was a bit hesitant in venturing too far off track being on the other side of the river, but definitely keen to have a look.


    • Dave Noble says:

      From the campsite, you need to cross the river, and walk downstream on the rock slabs towards the bend. We climbed up just before the bend (on the true right) – perhaps 50 m or so. Its hard to find even if you know where to look. Tucked in under a small cliff.

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