Vivid – Sydney Light Festival 2016 – Visit 3

On this visit I met up with friends John (with Jasper) and later John’s wife Chuin Nee (with Sebastian). I was able to shoot some time lapse sequences – mainly of the changing patterns on the Opera House and also shoot some stills. The weather was fine – but this meant it was crowded. Very crowded! It was hard to move around near the Quay and Opera House.

Here is my time lapse video. It is better to open it up and view full screen on YouTube.

And some photos –

Vivid7Jun16-1 Vivid7Jun16-2 Vivid7Jun16-3 Vivid7Jun16-4 Vivid7Jun16-5 Vivid7Jun16-6 Vivid7Jun16-7 Vivid7Jun16-8 Vivid7Jun16-9 Vivid7Jun16-10 Vivid7Jun16-11 Vivid7Jun16-12 Vivid7Jun16-13

More photos are online on my website here.


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One Response to Vivid – Sydney Light Festival 2016 – Visit 3

  1. Edward B says:

    It seems to get better every year! Those photos make me want to go again…

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