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Storm Chasing at La Perouse and a Walk to Cape Banks – 16 December 2015

I had originally planned on this day to do a walk on the Northern Beaches, but the forecast was poor, so I delayed my departure and sat at home and kept an eye on the weather radar. It looked like … Continue reading

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Sculpture By The Sea – Visit 2 – 5 November 2014

I had a second chance to visit the Sculpture By The Sea Exhibition. This time I met up with  Sarah Jones and her young daughter Emily. This was on a stormy afternoon.

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Photo-Pfaffing in the Blue Mountains

Photo-pfaffing – a term used to describe a situation where there is a photographer in the party, and where plenty of photographic stops are made – which usually involve tripods, changing lenses, screwing on filters, waiting for the right light … Continue reading

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Brocken Spectres, Glories and Fogbows

Visiting mountain regions a fair bit has allowed me to observe an array of beautiful atmospheric optical phenomena. These can be present when you get sunlight and mist or clouds. You need to be lucky and observant to see them.

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