Malabar Headland – Birds and Whales – 13 July 2018

I had an interesting time on a walk out to Boora Point on Malabar Headland. I deliberately walked slowly out to Magic Point and then to Boora Point. This allowed me to look for whales and birds.

On the way out, I dint see too much. There were the usual New Holland Honeyeaters and Wattlebirds. Continue reading

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A New Pass on Lockleys Pylon – 12 July 2018

Bob had suggested this trip for a while. Earlier he had seen, from Pulpit Rock Lookout, a possible new pass on the side of Lockleys Pylon in the Grose Valley. He knew of a climbers pass from the Lockleys Pylon – Blue Gum Forest track that allowed climbers to walk down to the half way ledge. He thought is may be possible to climb up onto the half way ledge from the bottom of the major cliffs – by using a series of ledges that led to the half way ledge from the southern side.

Rather than climb up to the start of the pass from Blue Gum Forest or Govetts Creek, I suggested abseiling down from near the end of Fortress Ck Canyon. At the end of the canyon – there is a huge drop, but by traversing along a ledge and climbing down a bit to a lower ledge, then the distance down to the bottom is not so large. I had heard of climbers accessing some climbs this way. Continue reading

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Birdwood Gully – Fungi and Orchids – 11 July 2018

This was an opportunity to catch up with an old friend – Don, and his daughter Elata and her cousin Elena for a nice walk down Birdwood Gully at Springwood.

We were looking for fungi – but not a lot was out. Its continued to be very dry in the lower part of the Blue Mountains. But we managed to find a few interesting species. Continue reading

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Dover Heights to Watsons Bay – 10 July 2018

I recently walked this section of the Coastal Path in stormy weather. This time, a fine day was forecast, so to make things more interesting I caught and early train to Bondi Junction and an early bus to Dover Heights to arrive at Raleigh Reserve around  6:30 am. The Sun would be rising at about 7 am.

Nankeen Kestrel – caught on camera

The sunrise was not too special however. Clouds are good for a nice sunrise or sunset – especially when they colour up. But this morning the clouds completely blocked out any sun. It was also quite chilly! Continue reading

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Fungi at Ferndale Park – 8 July 2018

I made another visit to Ferndale Park at Chatswood to see how the fungi was going. There was still not a lot of fungi out compared to previous years, but conditions were not too bad.

Clavicorona taxophila

Quite a few coral fungi were out. Here are some –  Continue reading

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Fungi at Wolli Ck – 7 July 2018

I joined The Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc for their field activity at Wolli Creek. The activity was held in conjunction with the Wolli Creek Preservation Society. We met at Girrahween Park at Earlwood, and then split into two groups to look for fungi.

I was in a group that headed upstream. Another group went downstream from the park.  Continue reading

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Bundeena to Marley Walk – 6 July 2018

David Hufton was keen on a walk, and after some discussion we decided to walk down part of the coastline in Royal National Park – from Bundeena to Marley.

I was after some photos of whales, but the only ones we spotted were a long way out – and I ended up photographing a lot more birds than whales. The New Holland Honeyeaters were abundant and quite playful – and good subjects.  Continue reading

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Kites, Kestrels and Kiama – The Kiama Coast Walk – Northern Section – 5 July 2018

I travelled down by train with Bob to do the Kiama Coast Walk between Minnamurra and Kiama.

After getting off the train, we made our way to the start of the Coastal Path near the Minnamurra River. It was a fine day, and a very warm day for winter. We were glad there was a sea breeze.  Continue reading

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Fungi of the Lane Cove Valley – 4 July 2018

It had been a while since I had been down the Lane Cove Valley looking for fungi, and since that trip there had been a reasonable amount of rain, so I though a trip worthwhile. It was. I was surprised by the fungi I found.

Here is a selection of what I found between Thornleigh Oval and Porters Creek. Quite a few species of Cortinarius and also quite a few coral fungi –  Continue reading

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Sassafras Gully Fungi – 3 July 2018

As it had been so dry, I had not not bothered to visit Sassafras Gully to look for fungi for a fair while. But recently, there had been some rain – although the mid mountain had had far less than the coastal fringe, so I was not that hopeful that much fungi would be out.

There was not much out, although I did spit some interesting species. This was one I found. it was very tiny and a cluster of them were growing on a log –  Continue reading

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