Blackheath Waterfall Walk and an unexpected trip along Glenbrook Gorge – 16 March 2017

I caught an early train to Blackheath. My goal was to walk down to the bottom of Govetts Leap and then around the Rodriguez Pass circuit via Junction Rock and back up to Evans Lookout and back to Blackheath.

When I arrived at Blackheath at 8:30 I noticed that it had been quite wet. I was also greeted by light rain. I walked from the station down to Govetts Leap Lookout and sought refuge for a while in one of the shelter sheds. It was wet and foggy and I could not see a view, let along any of the waterfalls. I continued down the track to the base of Govetts Leap. On the descent, it did clear and I was able to get some photos of Govetts Leap. The flow was quite high, which made for spectacular photos of the waterfall, but it could present problems lower down with all the creek crossings needed for my intended walk. Continue reading

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Wolli Creek Fungi Walk – 15 March 2017

There had been a lot of recent rain, and with an adverse forecast I had not ventured out for a while. But wiht a short bear in the weather I headed off to my local area – Wolli Creek, to look for fungi.

I found a reasonable amount out. It is still early in the fungi season, and perhaps the most interesting species are not out yet, but there is a still a lot to look out for. Continue reading

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Lane Cove Valley Fungi Walk – 13 March 2017

I did my usual walk down the Lane Cove Valley from Thornleigh to Porters Creek looking for fungi. This time there was a fair bit out.

Its a fair area to explore and there is a range of landscapes – small rainforest pockets, drier areas etc. So you need to keep your eyes open the whole way. Continue reading

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Mt Airly and Mt Genowlan – a vist to Mugii Murum-ban 9 – 11 March 2017

The second place we visited on the trip with Wendy were the two mesas of Mt Airly and Mt Genowlan. These were parts of the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Proposal but are now incorporated into the Mugii Murum-Ban State Conservation Area. The Proposal was to have Mt Airly as a conservation area and have Mt Genowlan added to the adjoining Gardens of Stone National Park.

The only time I had visited the area before was to attend a bushwalking friend’s wedding. The ceremony was in the bush, at what is now the Airly Gap Camping Area. There were some bush activities, but I was ill at the time with flu and spent the time sleeping in my tent. So I was keen to have a look at the area. Continue reading

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Dunns Swamp – Gungaddy 8 – 9 March 2017

Wendy had planned a trip to parts of the Blue Mountains. She wanted to visit the Mt Airly – Mt Genowlan area and also Dunns Swamp. She invited me to join her which I was happy to do. The weather forecast was not that great for the first day or so, so on the way up, we decided to visit Dunns Swamp first.

On the way north, we stopped just before Capertee at the Pearson Lookout. This provides sweeping views of the Capertee Valley.

We next turned off at Rylstone, and headed east to Olinda and then to Dunns Swamp which is also known by its aboriginal name of Gungaddy. Its a beautiful area that was for a long time the water supply for the Kandos Cemment Works (now closed). The “swamp” being formed by a dam. It is now part of Wollemi National Park. At certain times of the year such as Easter and school holidays it can become very crowded out with campers. Mid week turned out to be a good time to visit. There were not too many other campers there.  Continue reading

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Yeramba Lagoon Ramble – 7 March 2017

This was an activity of the National Parks Association of NSW and led by Brian Everingham. On the trip it was very good to have along quite a few experts in the area – the tracks around the lagoon and its history, the local vegetation and various issues.

We spent a very pleasant half day wandering along a loop track around one side of the lagoon. The bush is largely weed free and in good condition. Local friends of the area have often removed rubbish and discouraged antisocial activity.  Continue reading

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Sassafras Gully Fungi Walk – 6 March 2017

This was a pleasant and quite fruitful walk down Sassafras Gully looking for fungi and slime moulds.

I started down the track from Sassafras Gully Road and continued down to the Lagoon at the junction with Glenbrook Creek, then downstream to the junction with Magdala Creek and up that to Fairy Dell and Springwood shops. Continue reading

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Wolli Creek Fungi Walk – 5 March 2017

During a spell of wet weather I was keen to get out. On this day, it looked like rain would not arrive until the afternoon, so I sent the morning in the Wolli Creek area.

I started from Girrahween Park, and first went upstream towards Bexley North along the Two Valleys Track. Part way along, at a very wet section, I turned back and walked back to Bardwell Park and continued downstream to Turrella.  Continue reading

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Curra Moors Walk – 2 March 2017

My friend Wendy had been busy painting and studying and was desperate to get outside for a day. She suggested a walk in Royal National Park and invite me to join her. We considered a few options and ended up deciding on the Curra Moors.

Rain was forecast for the day, and we took rain gear and even umbrellas – but on the day we were very lucky. It was stormy – but we seemed to escape it all. Impressive storm clouds were all around – but we mainly had sun. Continue reading

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The Waterfalls of Wentworth Falls – 1 March 2017

I had been raining in the Blue Mountains, and I thought a waterfall photography walk may be nice. So I caught a train up the mountains. I was initially planning on walking near Blackheath, but on the way up, it looks like there was a fair bit of local rain and Wentworth Falls may offer more shelter (e.g. National Pass is largely under overhangs). So I detrained at Wentworth Falls.

I made my way along the Charles Darwin Walk to Wentworth Falls. Continue reading

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