Royal National Park – Photo Walk – 5 October 2017

David Hufton invited me to join him on a photo walk in Royal National Park. We chose to do a walk along the Coastal Track south from Wattamolla. This would allow us to photograph landscapes, birds, flowers and perhaps some whales.

We first walked past new track construction to Providential Point. After watching the sea for a while, we climbed up onto the headland and then around the dyke to join the Coastal Track.  Continue reading

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Cooks River Birds – 4 October 2017

After my brief visit the afternoon before, I thought a full day could be spent along the Cooks River photographing the birds. This time I started by visiting the Boat Harbour and the Dog Area near Canterbury, then to the Cup and Saucer Creek Wetlands. Then I cycled down the river to Tempe and visited the Tempe Wetlands. Then more cycling to the Landing Lights Wetland at Barton Park. On the way back I stopped at Cahill Park to photograph some feeding Pelicans and Cormorants.

At the Dog Area, I photographed the Tawny Frogmouths again –  Continue reading

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Cooks River Birds – 3 October 2017

I spent a few hours in the afternoon along a short section of the Cooks River photographing some of the birds. I tried to look at the Tawny Frogmouth nest at the Boat Harbour, but some very aggressive Noisy Miners made this difficult. So I departed with alacrity and went to the Dog Area. Here I was able to see a new chick –

The chick was with one parent in the nest. It looked like there may be another  chick in the nest (or an egg?). The other parent was sleeping on a a different branch in the same tree. Here is another  photo of the Tawnies –  Continue reading

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SUBW Presidents Bludge Trip – 30 September – 2 October 2017

Each year, Sydney University Bushwalkers hold a walk to the Kowmung River on the October long weekend. The walk is called the “PBT” for “President’s Bludge Trip”. This was the 44th PBT. This year it was led by club president Rebecca with assistance from Ashley.

The extra day provided by a  long weekend allows the party to experience a fair section of walking along the Kowmung River on the middle day. This year the  route was along one of the nicest parts of the Kowmung River between Hughes Clearing and Orange Bluff.  Continue reading

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A Day on the Harbour – 28 September 2017

This was a very enjoyable day spent on the some of the Ferries in Sydney Harbour. I was not able to visit all the wharfs of Sydney, but I did visit all the major routes during the day.

I caught a train to Circular Quay. When I arrived, the shortest wait would be for the Manly Ferry, so that became my first journey. Always a pleasant cruise, I travelled to Manly and had time for a short walk before catechin the same ferry back. I was pleased to bump into an old work colleague (another retired teacher) – Steve, at Manly. Continue reading

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Sealife Aquarium Visit – 27 September 2017

Not that long ago I had visited the Sealife Aquarium at Darling Harbour in Sydney and had been impressed with what you could see. I was talking about it to John and he thought it would be a good venue to take his tow young sons, Jasper and Sebastian. I was happy to join them.

Its a very good place for young children to observe a lot of sea creatures first hand. We spent about three hours at Sealife. One my last visit I had missed a few things that I was glad I saw this time – Continue reading

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Wolli Creek Nature Walk – 26 September 2017

It had been a while since I had walked down the track along Wolli Creek, so I thought it would be a nice place for a half day walk to what was out.

I caught the train to Bexley North and then started down the two Valleys Track. Along the way, I heard a lot of birds, but it was a harder job trying to see and photograph them. I did not have much luck until I reached the open grassy area not far down the track. Here I saw some small birds in the grass. I though they may be Little Grassbirds , but a friend, Emma Spencer thought they may have been Australasian Pipits (Anthus novaeseelandiae) – Continue reading

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Cooks River Bike Ride – 25 September 2017

Chuin Nee had invited me to join her and her young son Jasper on a bike ride along the Cooks River Cycleway. We rode from Dulwich Hill to the river and then along to Tempe.

We then crossed the Princess Highway and went into Tempe Reserve and crossed the Alexandria Canal and joined the cycleway past the airport, where we did some place spotting. We also observed a distant bird of prey, circling around looking for prey above the container depot near the airport.  Continue reading

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Birds alongs the Cooks River and Tempe Wetlands – 24 September 2017

This was a pleasant day cycling along the Cooks River Cycleway from near Cup and Saucer Creek to the Tempe Wetlands photographing the birdlife.

I spotted two sets of nesting Tawny Frogmouths – one near the Boat Harbour and one near the Dog Area upstream. There should be some chicks to see soon. Continue reading

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Birds at Barton Park and Landing Lights Wetland – 22 September 2017

This was a very pleasant afternoon spent wandering around Barton Park and the Landing Lights Wetland with Digi Dave  photographing the birdlife.

Here are some more photos – Continue reading

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