Northern Beaches – Looking for Raptors – 2 December 2017

I had seen some photos posted on social media of raptors in the Northern Beaches area and thought it may be worth going up to see if I could get my own photos.

I caught one of the new B Line double decker buses up to Manley Vale and then headed to a reserve to look for a family of Eastern Osprey.  Continue reading

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Wattamolla to Little Marley – Photo Walk – 1 December 2017

This was a very pleasant day spent in Royal National Park accompanied by David Hufton. We walked from Wattamolla to Little Marley and then headed back the same way after lunch.

Lots of birds, insects and wildflowers were out. Nice. And a few lizards. Continue reading

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South West Arm Paddle – 30 November 2017

I spent a very enjoyable day in Royal National Park with Digi Dave paddling up the South West Arm of Port Hacking.

We started from Warumbul Picnic Area, which is reached from a side road from the road between Audley and Bundeena. Using this road you can drive down very close to the water.  Continue reading

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Sassafras Gully Walk – 29 November 2017

I was heading up the mountains. Later in the day, I would be attending a meeting at Springwood, so I thought it would be nice to do a walk in that area first. I got off the train at Faulconbridge and soon found myself on the Victory Track on the way to Sassafras Gully.

Yellow Breasted Robin

I visit this area  lot  during the fungi season, and on those trips often see a lot of birds. But with a micro lens on the camera it is a bit hard to photograph them. So this time I was ready to photograph the birds rather than fungi. But, there was a deafening noise made by cicadas. Lots of cicadas! For a lot of the track it was too noisy to hear bird calls.  Continue reading

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Wolli Creek Nature Walk – 28 November 2017

I spent a few hours in the afternoon wandering along the Two Valleys Track at Wolli Creek between Bardwell Park and Turrella and back. I was hoping to spot the Spinebills I had seen a few days earlier – but in this I had no luck.

Flying Fox with pup

Again, like the previous trip, I did see lots of Hyacinth Orchids in flower at or near Girrahween Park. Continue reading

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Birds at Tempe Wetlands – 27 November 2017

I spent a pleasant afternoon at Tempe wetlands photographing birds (and a few lizards).

Red Wattlebird

I was unable to spot the rails I had seen on previous trips. They had been at the upper pool, and this has filled up even more, so the level is higher and water now covers the beach area that I had last seen one on.  Continue reading

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Banner Event in the Gardens of Stone – 26 November 2017

I attended a large conservation rally in part of the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Proposal. The event was organised by the Colong Foundation, The Gardens of Stone Alliance and the Blue Mountains Conservation Society.

Around 150 people came along for the event. The main activity was to unfurl two large banners near the rock pagodas in the area. Continue reading

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Nature at Wolli Creek – 25 November 2017

I had a function to attend at lunchtime at Bardwell Park and I thought it would make a good day if I did some walking along the Two Valleys Track, before and after the function.

Flying Fox mother and pup

I caught a bus to Earlwood and walked down through Girrahween Park to the Two Valleys Track. On the way I passed a nice grove of Hyacinth Orchids.  Continue reading

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Looking for Raptors – The Gap to Dover Heights – 23 November 2017

I spent a pleasant half day on the Coastal Path between The Gap and Dover Heights trying to spot and photograph some of the raptors that I had seen on my previous trip. In this I was at least partly successful.

Peregrine Falcon

I caught a ferry to Watsons Bay and then walked the short distance to The Gap, and then set of south along the Coastal Path. It was a nice day and a lot of other walkers were enjoying the path. Continue reading

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Birds at Bicentennial Park – 22 November 2017

I spent an enjoyable few hours at Bicentennial Park at Homebush Bay observing and photographing birds.

Australasian Darter

Here are some of my photos. First, a White Headed Stilt with chicks –  Continue reading

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