Bola Creek Fungi – 13 May 2017

I headed down to Bola Creek, in Royal National Park, with the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc on their field activity to see what fungi was out. It had been quite dry for most of April and early May, so I had low expectations. But we found a fair bit out – although some of what we saw was not that fresh.

Gliophorus chromolimoneus

Here is one interesting waxcap that was found by Liz Kabanoff –  Continue reading

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Wolli Creek – Fungi, Flying Foxes and Birds – 11 May 2017

I spent a pleasant few hours wandering along the Two Valleys Track down Wolli Creek. I started at Bexley North and went to a little below Turrella Reserve before exiting via Turrella Station.

I was looking for fungi, but there was not a real lot out, so I also photographed some of the birds and flying foxes along the way. Continue reading

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Manly to The Spit Walk – 9 May 2017

I enjoyed a very pleasant walk from Manly to The Spit that Brian Everingham led for the National Parks Association of NSW. In the party were Brian, Ken, John, Valerie, Anne, Allen, Gary, Hugh and myself.

We met at Circular Quay and travelled to Manly by ferry. We could not help noticing some ominous clouds over the Many area, but the radar revealed there was a storm just off the coast at Manly and it was heading north.  Continue reading

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Lawson – South Side Waterfall Walk – 7 May 2017

This was a pleasant afternoon walk around the circuit on the south side of Lawson that visits five waterfalls. In the party were Martin, John and his two young sons Jasper and Sebastian and myself.

Martin and Jasper behind Cataract Falls

The water levels were quite low, so I didn’t bother trying to photograph the waterfalls this time. I did look for fungi to photograph – but there was a not a great deal out. I did spot a nice cluster of Greenhood Orchids. And it was still a very pleasant walk around the circuit. On the day, we saw many other parties enjoying the outdoors. Continue reading

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Coachwood Glen Fungi – 6 May 2017

The Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc had a field activity at Coachwood Glen that I attended. The fungi we saw was quite good, but not up the level of what I had seen on a visit early in April.

Many, but not all, of the waxcaps were old and dry this visit. Here are some examples –  Continue reading

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Sassafras Gully Fungi – 5 May 2017

I was keen to visit Sassafras Gully after a long break due to Easter and a visit to Tasmania. I wanted to see how some fungi was going that I had seen last visit and also to look for more fungi.

Having been away, I did not know how wet it had been or how hot. You can look up climate statistics online but they only tell part of the story. Many fungi only “fruit” just after periods of rain. If it has been dry, hot and windy – then they soon dry out and fall to bits. Continue reading

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Tasmania – The Overland Track 22 April – 1 May 2017

I spent a very enjoyable ten days on the Overland Track in late April. I think this was my tenth time along the track so therefore I am quite familiar with the country it traverses but at no time did I find the walking tedious. I last visited the track three years before – again in late April and I wrote about that occasion singing the praises of the walk when the fagus, the native deciduous beech  is changing colour.

My motivations this time were much the same. It would be a fagus and fungi walk, similar to what I have been doing at the time of the year for the past three years (and also at earlier occasions). It would be timed to hopefully coincide with the period when the fagus leaves would be changing colour from green to orange.

Another motivation was that one of my sisters and her husband had recently moved to Tasmania and the walk would provide another chance to visit them. Indeed they gave me a lift to Cradle Mountain and joined me on the first day and night of my walk. Continue reading

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Easter in the Northern Blue Mountains 14 – 17 April 2017

A few days before Easter a few trips were suggested in the Northern Blue Mountains, and just before we headed out one was settle on. Dave Williams had contacted the farm managers involved and we would be able to drive close to where we wanted to start walking. Also on the trip were Wendy, Martin and Michael.

So, on Good Friday, we drove into the Capertee Valley and later turned off onto a farm road, and after chatting with the farmers we parked at the base of the Red Rock Trail. This led into Gardens of Stone National Park. Not far along, we left the trail and climbed up the spur leading to Mt Harvey. This was straightforward but not always easy walking – some parts were scrubby, other parts were bouldery and we had to scramble up and around obstacles.  Continue reading

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Fungi Photography at Birdwood Gully, Coachwood Glen and Blackheath Airstrip – 11 April 2017

This was a truly amazing day of fungi photography at three locations in the Blue Mountains. Most of our time was spent at Coachwood Glen on the Megalong Road close to Blackheath.

Hygrocybe roseoflavida

I had travelled up the mountains by train to meet Liz at Springwood. Atli was coming up with us, but I had unfortunately told him the wrong train to catch. So while we were waiting Liz and Myself headed off to nearby Birdwood Guly to see what was out.

Mycena interrupta

Birdwood Gully Continue reading

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More Amazing Fungi at Sassafras Gully – 9 April 2017

The fungi at Sassafras Gully at Springwood have really benefited from the recent wet period and their is now a lot on display. I headed up the mountains with Atli, a visiting nature photographer from Iceland. We had met the year before when he was visiting Australia. Not far down the track, we also met another friend Tam. She had her camera out and was photographing fungi too. So she joined us on the day.

Humidicutis taekeri

Its always a good sign if you see fungi early on along the track, and this time we came across some large coral fungi – Ramarias, growing next to the track. This was along the track that starts from the end of Sassafras Gully Road. Lower down, in the rainforest there was a lot more fungi out – and some of it was truly astounding.  Continue reading

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