Nature at Wolli Creek – 3 August 2017

After a little bit of recent rain (only 7 mm) earlier in the week, I thought it may be worth a look for fungi along Wolli Creek. I was not that hopeful however, and also took a telephoto lens as well as a macro lens.

The fungi was poor, but there was still a lot to see and photograph. Rain was forecast, so I only spent a few hours out, mainly between Bardwell Park and Turrella.  Continue reading

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Medlow Bath to Radiata Plateau Walk – 2 August 2017

Bob and myself decided to have a look at the shale ledge between The Three Brothers at Medlow Bath and Blacks Ladders on the Radiata Plateau. The only information we had about this walk was firstly a note marked on one of the maps in Jim Smith’s book – “How To See The Blue Mountains”. It was near the Three Brothers and had an arrow pointing east and said – “shale ledge to Radiata Plateau”. The second bit of information was something I had seen online about another bushwalker traversing the half way ledge from Medlow Bath to near Back Creek.

So, we set out from Bellevue Crescent at Medlow Bath and then along the firetrail to The Three Brothers and the Flying Fox. We turned off on The Three Brothers Track, and were soon there. Before finding our ledge, we walked out to a nice lookout nearby. This did provide us with a view of part of our ledge. From what we could see, it looked like a continuous ledge at least until close to Blacks Ladders. Continue reading

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Coastal Walking at Kiama – Minnamurra to Bombo – 31 July 2017

Brian Everingham invited me to join him on his walk for the National Parks Association of NSW along the Kiama Coastal Walk from Minnamurra to Kiama. I had done this walk last year and a few weeks earlier had redone the southern section of it from Gerringong to Kiama. Its a nice walk – well worth repeating.

The party – Brian, Faye, Val, Suzanne, Peter and myself travelled by train down to Minnamurra. Rain was forecast, and when we got off the train, the ground was wet, so it had been raining. Hopefully any more rain would hold off for a while. Continue reading

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Radiata Plateau – Walk and Rally – 30 July 2017

My friend Wendy was going to attend the Blue Mountains Conservations Society’s rally to Keep Radiata Plateau Wild at Cahills Lookout at Katoomba on Sunday afternoon. I suggested a short walk on the Plateau would be a good idea before the rally.

At present, most of the Plateau is privately owned and fortunately the present owners allow walkers and climbers access. However this may change in the future, particularly if the Plateau is sold or if it is developed.  Continue reading

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Local Birds – 27 and 29 July 2017

I recently spent part of two days photographing the local birdlife.

The venues included the Cooks River, The Landing Lights Wetland and Botany Bay at the mouth of the cooks River. Here is a selection of photos –  Continue reading

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Taronga Zoo – 28 July 2017

This was another pleasant day at Taronga Zoo photographing the animals.

One of the animals I was keen to see and try and photograph was the new baby Langur. I visited their enclosure a number of times, and was eventually fortunate to see the mother with the baby fairly close to the observation window. The Langur babies are born bright bright orange. Quite different to their darker parents. So it is good to see them when they are young.  Continue reading

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Burning Palms Walk – 26 July 2017

It was pleasant to join Alan and Megan Pryke, Digi Dave and some cavers on a walk with Carsten Peter to Burning Palms Beach at Royal National Park. Carsten, was on a visit to Australia to attend a caving conference being held in western Sydney. We had met him back in 2011 when he was in Australia taking photographs of the canyons of the Blue Mountains for an article for National Geographic Magazine. Carsten is however better known for his photographs of limestone caves.

I headed down to Burning Palms from Garrawarra with Digi Dave and we met the rest of the party at the beach.  Continue reading

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Kurnell to Cronulla Walk – 25 July 2017

The section of the Sydney Coastal Walk from Kurnell to Cronulla was one that I had not done. I had been to Cape Solander in the Botany Bay – Kamay National Park quite a few times for whale watching and I had also been on a walk down a short section of the Coastal Walk to Cape Baily Lighthouse and back. Recently there has been some trackwork on the track to Cape Baily, so it seemed like a good time to do this walk.

I caught the train to Cronulla and then crossed the road to the bus stop for the bus to Kurnell. At Kurnell I got off the bus at the National Park entrance. I then walked along the shore path at Botany Bay to where Lieutenant James Cook had landed. I then continued past the visitor centre and along a track to Cape Solander.  Continue reading

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Round Willoughby Walk – 24 July 2017

The Willoughby Council have created a “Round Willoughby Walk” that combines bushwalking tracks and roads and provides a large loop walk around the municipality. Details of the walk are available here on their website. It is possible to do the walk in one long day (of over 30 kms) or you can do any of the many stages as a shorter walk.

On previous walks and fungi trips, I had already visited most of the western sections of the walk – along Blue Gum Creek, The Lane Cove River and Ferndale Park. But I had not visited the eastern sections, so that is what I intended to do. During the day I completed the first 5 (of 8) stages. Continue reading

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The Mermaids Cave and Orphan Rock – 20 July 2017

I was heading up the mountains with Bob for a walk. As usual, we had not decided where to go – leaving it up till when we saw what the weather was like – and often over a coffee at the cakeshop at Lawson.

Orphan Rock

The day was quite cold. Just above 0°C and with a considerable wind chill. So a long exposed walk higher up the mountains was out. On my list for a while had been a visit to the Mermaids Cave at Blackheath. This was one place I had never been to and it seemed interesting. I know there was a track to it from the Megalong Road, but that was only a ten minute walk. But I also knew there was supposed to be two tracks to the cave from the escarpment above. These sounded worth looking for. So this was what we decided to do. Continue reading

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