Coachwood Glen Fungi – 16 June 2018

I attended the Field Activity of the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc at Coachwood Glen in the Blue Mountains near Blackheath.

On the day, the weather was quite cold and windy. It was fairly sheltered in the glen – being part way in Megalong. Despite a fair bit of rain in Sydney in the lead up, not that much rain had fallen at Blackheath so we were uncertain how the fungi would be. It turned out to be reasonable – but not great compared to other visits. But we did find some interesting species. Continue reading

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More Birds at Nurragingy – 15 June 2018

I spent another very enjoyable and interesting day at Nurragingy Reserve at Doonside. My main aim was to try and locate and photograph an Azure Kingfisher – a bird I cannot recall seeing before and certainly one I have never photographed. I had seen a few photos published online of this bird taken at Nurragingy Reserve a few days earlier.

I arrived around 8:30 am and went to the main duckpond. I got my camera ready, and photographed some of the nearby birds. Continue reading

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Shipley Plateau Walk and Lookouts – 14 June 2018

This was a walk with Bob where we visited an obscure track that starts on the Shipley Plateau. It is described on Allan Wells Website on his Blackheath Page – walk number 11.

We started out on cold windy day on the track that leaves between the RFS Shipley Headquarters and “Waratah” property. As we walked towards the cliffs, we noticed several other tracks devoted off the track – but it was easy to follow the main track. It looked like these tracks are, or rather had been, used by mountain bikers.  Continue reading

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Fungi at Ferndale Park – 13 June 2018

I thought it may be worth checking out Ferndale Park at Chatswood to see if any fungi was out. Looking at online weather data, it looks like  there  had been around 60 mm or rain in the area a few days earlier.

There was some fungi out, but not that much compared to good conditions. And most of the fungi I found was not that interesting in terms of being colourful species good for photography. But, it has been so dry recently that some fungi is much better then nothing. Also – the fungal abundance at Ferndale Park was much better than that at Wolli Ck the day before.  Continue reading

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Vivid 2018 – Sydney’s Light Show

I have already posted some photos taken at Vivid. I also on two occasions took sequences of still photos  that I converted into time lapse sequences and then combined them together to make a longer video. Here it is –

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Wolli Creek – Birds and Fungi – 12 June 2018

I spent a pleasant day walking down the Two Valleys Track from Bexley North to Tempe. It had been raining and I was hoping some fungi would be out after such a poor fungi season so far. There was some out. I also took along camera gear to photograph birds.

There was not that much fungi out compared to good conditions. Perhaps it had been too dry for too long? But some fungi is much bette than none, and it should get better in the future hopefully. Here is some of the fungi I photographed –  Continue reading

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Walking on the Long Weekend – The Capertee – Wolgan Divide 9 – 11 June 2018

The June Long Weekend is always a great time for bushwalking. Nice cool weather and often warm sun and nice high camps. This year a group of us wanted to head off, but where? We discussed a few possibilities and also considered the weather forecast and the weather that occurred just before the weekend. Some rain would mean that it would fit rock pools on the tops – so a walk along the Capertee – Wolgan Divide was decided on.

We set off from the fire road that goes to Cape Horn and walked in light rain for McLeans Gap. It was misty with some drizzle – but not really too bad. On the way we diverted to small cave for lunch.  Continue reading

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Evans Lookout Walk – 7 June 2018

I was travelling up the mountains with Bob for a daywalk. The weather however was not that great. We had cancelled our original plans and had decided on the way up that we would work out a substitute based on local conditions. It was a bit misty and rainy.

In the end, we chose to start at Evans Lookout and walk along the clifftop track to Govetts Leap and then continue  to Pulpit Rock and return the same way. Continue reading

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Wild Light Exhibition Opening – 6 June 2018

I was fortunate to be able to attend the opening of an exhibition of Henry Gold’s wonderful photos of wilderness being held at the Gallery in the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach until Sunday 17th June.

Henry Gold and Yuri Bolotin

The exhibition is open daily from 10 am till 5 pm. It is well worth visiting to see some absolutely marvellous photos of mainly NSW Wilderness. Henry has been the honorary  photographer for the Colong Foundation for over 50 years. Many of his photographs have been used in conservation campaigns and have helped save a lot of very important areas.  Continue reading

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Nurragingy Reserve – 5 June 2018

This was my first visit to Nurragingy Reserve, a quite large park at Doonside. It is a remnant of Cumberland Plain Bushland with added lakes and ornamental gardens. It is a nice place to spend some time and certainly a good place to see and photograph birds.

Yellow Billed Spoonbill

I walked the short distance down Cross Street from Doonside Station to the Reserve. I then started at one of the lakes.  Continue reading

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