Sassafras Gully – Fungi and Orchids – 13 June 2017

Another pleasant trip to Sassafras Gully at Springwood to check out the fungi after some recent rain. This time quite a few waxcaps were out.

As usual, I started from the track at Sassafras Gully Road and then walked down to Glenbrook Creek and exited via the track up Magdala Creek and Fairy Dell. Continue reading

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Three Days in the Blue Rocks 10 – 12 June 2017

The June long weekend is always a good time for bushwalking. Usually fine and cool weather which makes it a good time for high camps. However this year the weather forecast was not the best…. rain was forecast for the whole weekend – for most bushwalking areas near Sydney.

Some of us were keen to get away, no matter what the forecast was, so a walk was organised. Well somewhat organised. We had planned the transport and where to meet at the start, but not actually a destination. It was not until Saturday morning, after looking at the latest forecasts and at some maps that we decided to head to the Blue Rocks Area. We could do a nice loop walk around part of the Capertee Valley – and be able to camp in a cave on the first night. Continue reading

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Wolli Creek – Fungi and Orchids – 9 June 2017

This was another trip down the two Valleys Track from Bexley North to Tempe to survey what fungi was out. There was not a real lot of fungi out, but it was good to see some waxcaps making their appearance. There were also quite a few Greenhood Orchids out – all along the track in various places.

Humidicutis viridimagentea

The highlight was finding a rare waxcap – Humidicutis viridimagentea. Nearby were some green waxcaps – Gliophorus graminicolor. Here are some more photos from the walk –  Continue reading

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Tahmoor Gorge and The Mermaids Pool – 8 June 2017

I headed down to the Bargo River with Digi Dave for some photography of The Tahmoor Gorge and the Mermaids Pool.

The Bargo River was up a little due to the recent rain – but not that high. Certainly not as high as I expected. We walked down from the carpark to the See Through Pool and continued on to the Mermaids Pool. Continue reading

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Vivid Light Show – 5 June 2017

I made another visit to Vivid – Sydney’s light show. This time I started at Martin Place and then visited the Botanic Gardens and finished off on the west side of Circular Quay.

Here are some photos from the evening – Continue reading

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Taronga Zoo – Visit on 5 June 2017

This was a very pleasant day at the Zoo – with lots of baby animals to see.

One I saw was the new baby Elephant.  Continue reading

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Bike Ride to Botany Bay – 4 June 2017

John had just picked up his new cargo bike and was keen to take it for a ride. So he headed out along the Greenway for the Cooks River with Chuin Nee, Jasper and Sebastian. I met them on the Cooks River Cycleway and Digi Dave also joined us.

It was beautiful weather for a ride along the river. Continue reading

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Spectacle Island Bushcare – 3 June 2017

Our bushcare group headed out to Spectacle Island in the Hawkesbury River for some weeding. We met at Bobin Head and then embarked on the NPWS boat for the Island.

We had to travel down to the Hawkesbury River and then upstream, under the railway bridge to Spectacle Island – a Nature Reserve. Continue reading

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Coachwood Glen Fungi – 2 June 2017

A few days earlier, I had visited Wolli Creek to look for fungi and the results had been very disappointing. I though that Coachwood Glen at Blackheath may be better, due to its location and had earlier suggested a trip there with Liz.

Dead Man’s Fingers – Xylaria polymorpha

I travelled by train to Springwood and met Liz, and then we traveled in her car to the Coachwood Glen Reserve on the road down to Megalong at Blackheath. Conditions were not great – it was a bit dry, but there was still a fair amount of fungi out and some of it was fresh. We had a very good day looking around and photographing fungi. Continue reading

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Wolli Creek Fungi – 31 May 2017

I caught a train to Bexley North and walked down the Two Valleys Track to a little below Turrella Reserve looking for fungi.

Hygrocybe austropratensis

Despite a lot of looking there was not much out. It had been too dry and the soil had not retained rain from a while back too well. I did spot some nice clusters of Hygrocybe austropratensis in a few places that were more protected from drying out. Otherwise I did not see much else. Continue reading

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