Hike 1 - Yosemite to Mammoth

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All photos © David Noble 2004. No photos can be used without permission.

Section 2 - Donohue Pass to Mammoth

Day 6

From Lyell Canyon I crossed over Donohue Pass (11,056'), leaving Yosemite National Park and entered the Ansel Adams Wilderness. A new vista of peaks came into view. The upper basins were very beautiful and full of wonderful campsites.

I did a short sidetrip to Davis Lakes and continued on to Island Pass (10,205') which provided great views of Banner Peak.

Above - Banner peak from near Island Pass

I camped above Thousand Island Lake in a place that gave me great views of Mt Banner.

Above - Mt Banner and Thousand Island Lake

Day 7

Above - Alpenglow on Banner Peak

Above - Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake and Mt Ritter on the left.

I then left the John Muir Trail and went around the south side of Thousand Island Lake. I did a side trip up to North Glacier Pass - the pass between Mt Davis and Banner Peak.

Above - a side peak of Mt Banner from the way up to North Glacier Pass

Above - Lake Catherine and Mt Ritter from the pass

I then descended and continued over an easy pass to the south end of Garnet Lake. I traversed on old trails around the side of the lake and got back onto the John Muir Trail. I then camped on a high campsite overlooking Garnet Lake

Above - Mt Ritter and Mt Banner and Garnet Lake

Day 8

Above - Alpenglow on Mt Ritter and Banner Peak

I then continued on the John Muir Trail. I did a sidetrip up to Lake Ediza and Iceberg Lake. This was very worthwhile - and provided good views of the spectacular Minarets.

Above - The Minarets from Lake Ediza

Back on the John Muir Trail, I continued past Shadow Lake and Rosie Lake and camped at Gladys Lake. My Campsite on the west side of the lake was relatively mosquito free compared to the other side of the lake, and the lake was quite warm for swimming.

Day 9

I descended to Red Meadows via the Devils Postpile National Monument.

Above - Columnar basalt at the Devils Postpile

At Red Meadows was a shop and a camping ground, and some other hikers gave me directions to the nearby thermal showers - which were very much appreciated. I then caught the shuttle bus to Mammoth Mountain resort and soon hitched a lift down to Mammoth to meet up with the wedding party.

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All photos © David Noble 2004. No photos can be used without permission.