Winter Traverse - Western Arthur Range - August 1976

All images © David Noble. Some images taken by Steven "Moss" Moon. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Part 3 - High Moor to Lake Rosanne

Above - Dorado Peak

Above - Our campsite at High Moor. We spent a rest day at High Moor. It was very cold both nights we spent here.

Above - At High Moor

Above - Looking towards the Little Beggary Bumps

Above - High Moor

Above - Beggary Bumps from High Moor

Above - Looking back (west) - towards Mt Capricorn and Mt Sirius

Above - Moss on steep icy slopes in the Beggary Bumps

Above - Tom in the first chasm

Above - Dave and Tom in the Tilted Chasm (photo - S Moon)

Above - Moss in the Tilted Chasm

Above - dave in the Tilted Chasm (photo - S Moon)

Above - icicles

Above - Fine weather at our campsite at Haven Lake

Above - Tom on slopes above Lake Mars

Above - We find this nice snowy slope

Above - We try some glissading

Above - Lake Sirona

Above Moss sliding down a slope near Mt Scorpio

Above - Climbing Mt Scorpio

Above - Looking ahead from Mt Scorpio

Above - Tom and Dave at the top of Moraine K

Above - Promontory Lake

Above - That night we camped at Promontory Lake. Next morning - Tom found he had lft his parka at the slope we had been glissading down - so Moss and myself had a rest day while Tom went back for his parka.

Above - Centaurus Ridge from The Phoenix

Above - Near Lucifer Ridge

Above - Camp at Lake Rosanne

Above - Tom at Lake Rosanne

We walked out via the Yo Yo track and then hitched out.

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