Western Arthurs Walk - South West Tasmania - January 2012

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Page 2 - Lake Cygnus, Mt Orion

Continuing my wander around the crags above Lake Cygnus -

Near Lake Cygnus -

Above - a young spotted quoll

On the way to Mt Orion -

Above - Melinda from SBW

Above - the SBW party (Melinda, Ian and John) just visible on the descent from Mt Hayes

Near the Mt Orion - Mt Sirius Ridge -

Above - alpine garden - cushion plant, Pineapple grass (Astelia alpina), Richea scoparia and Dracophyllum Milliganii in flower

Above - Richea alpina in flower

Above - Dracophyllum Milliganii in flower

Above - Richea pandanifolia

Above - cushion plants

Above - Richea pandanifolia and Richea scoparia

Above - Richea pandanifolia

Above - Richea alpina

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