Western Arthurs Traverse - 5 - 15 January 2008

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Day 8 - 12 th January - Centaurus - Phoenix Saddle - Promontory Lake

Above - Chuin Nee peers out the tent at our campsite

Above - Looking towards Alderbarren

Above - Our campsite

Above - Looking back down from the Phoenix - we can see the fire has sprung up again

Above - It is only 90 minutes walk from our campsite to Prom Lake where we camp - we spend the rest of the day relaxing at this beautiful place

Above - Carina Peak above Prom Lake

Above - a huge number of tadpoles had congregated in the warm shallows on the far side of the lake

Above - At the campsite

Above - Dusk

Above - Dusk

Day 9 - 13 th January - Promontory Lake - Morraine K - Arthur Plains - Two Mile Creek

Another front came our way. We woke up to rain - and later hail. We packed up to head down Morraine K to the plains

Above - Here is is sunny patch between squalls

Above - Climbing up between Lake Vesta and Lake Juno

Above - More rain and hail

Above - On Morraine K - we find this sign has been placed recently - indicating that the range further east is closed

Above - Back down on the burnt out Arthur Plains

Above - Leatherwood in flower at Seven Mile Creek

Above - The Arthur Plains

Above - Setting up camp at Two Mile Creek

Day 10 - 14 th January - Two Mile Creek - Junction Creek - Huon Camp

Above - We find one of the old mile posts on the Arthur Plains - it is not too badly burnt

Above - John spotted the old number plate nearby - and he attached it back onto the post. Many years ago - a Hobart Walking Club member had placed these numbers cut out from number plates along the Arthur Plains. Signs were also placed down the Port Davey Track

Above - Chuin Nee on the Port Davey Track - its a bit wetter than when we walked in

Above - Chuin Nee on the Port Davey Track

Above - Tea Tree

Above - A well hidden moth on this mile post

Above - Native Laurel

Above - looking back - one last view of the Western Arthurs

Day 11 - 15 th January - Huon Camp at Scotts Peak Dam

Above - Waiting for the bus at Huon Camp

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