Western Arthurs Traverse - 5 - 15 January 2008

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Day 7 - 11 th January - Promontory Lake - The Phoenix - Centaurus Ridge - West Portal

Above - Chuin Nee on the way  to The Phoenix

Above - John on the top of the Phoenix surveys the route ahead

Above - Crags on the Phoenix

Above - John hangs out on the cantilever rock

Above - From Centaurus Ridge - At 10:30 am we spot this small bushfire on the side of West Portal - all that seems to be now burning is a smouldering log or perhaps some peat

Above - Approaching West Portal saddle

Above - We stop for elevenses just before the saddle

Above - 11:13 am - the fire seems to have picked up a bit! Still - it doesn't look too bad.....

Above - In the saddle before West Portal

Above - As we climbed West Portal - we could't see the fire for a while - until the track went more around the right side - then at 11:43 am - we saw the fire had grown considerably - and now looked very dangerous indeed.

Above - the fire was burning towards Glovers Pass - and it was just off West Portal. We decide it would be safer to return towards Prom Lake

Above - Looking west

Above - On the way back to the saddle near West Portal

Above - Looking back to the fire. Some bad weather is approaching from the south west

Above - Looking to West Portal

Above - Chuin Nee - In rain and cold wind we made our way back along Centaurus Ridge

Above - Chuin Nee on Centaurus Ridge

Above - Looking down to the saddle between Centaurus Ridge and the Phoenix. This saddle offers some shelter and there is water down the valley a bit - so we camped. It was very windy during the night - but the tents stood up OK

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