Western Arthurs Traverse - 5 - 15 January 2008

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Day 4 - 8 th January - Lake Oberon - Mt Pegasus - Mt Capricorn - High Moor

Above - Lichen

Above - Mt Orion

Above - Climbing up onto Mt Pegasus

Above - Looking along the range

Above - John M and Stephen look at the route ahead

Above - Chuin Nee taking photos on the summit of Mt Pegasus

Above - The pincers are just visible in the mist

Above - John and Chuin Nee on the track

Above - Mist on the peaks above Lake Uranus

Above - a small pandani

Above - lichen

Above - John M admires the view

Above - Richea alpina

Above - trees above Lake Uranus

Above - John M climbing onto Mt Capricorn

Above - Stephen on the way up Mt Capricorn

Above - The next part of the range

Above - John R climbs up onto the summit of Mt Capricorn

Above - Euphrasia flowers

Above - flowers

Above - sundew flowers

Above - On the way to High Moor

Above - Pandani

Above - John M on the way up to High Moor

Above - a gnarled bush

Above - John takes in the view from High Moor

Above - a small King Billy Pine

Above - John and Chuin Nee on a small crag

Above - Descending

Above - Dracophyllum

Above - Chuin Nee prepares a nice curry for tea

Above - John M and Stephen take in some refreshment

Above - the crags at dusk

Above - Dusk from High Moor - Looking towards Mt Rugby

Above - wind blasted plants

Above - sunset

Above - sunset

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