Western Arthurs Traverse - 5 - 15 January 2008

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Day 1 - 5 th January - Scotts Peak Dam to Lake Cygnus via Morraine A

Above - At the start at Scotts Peak Dam - John R, Chuin Nee, John M, Stephen, Dave

Above - Chuin Nee near the top of Morraine A. This ridge as well as a lot of the Arthur Plains had been burnt out by a bushfire a year before. The flowers here are white irises

Above - Richea alpina

Above - Euphrasia

Above - Quartzite crags at the top of Morraine A

Above - A small spherical flowerhead

Above - Blandfordia

Above - a type of epacris very common in the range

Above - another small white flower

Above - Looking up the range to Mt Hesperus

Above - John M at the top of Morraine A

Above - Looking along the range from Mt Hesperus

Above - Chuin Nee on Mt Hesperus

Above - Mt Hayes from the Capella Crags

Day 2 - 6th January - Lake Cygnus - Mt Hayes

It rained for a lot of the day - so we stayed at Lake Cygnus. In the afternoon it fined up a bit so we did a daywalk to Mt Hayes

Above - Looking up to the Capella Crags

Above - a gnarled tree near the lake

Above - Richea alpina

Above - Sundews

Above - an epacris grows in a crack in the rock

Above - Blandfordia

Above - King Billy Pine needles

Above - View from Mt Hayes

Above - Descending Mt Hayes

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