Tasmania - Central Plateau Walk - 14 - 26 April  2008

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 10 - The Labyrinth - Du Cane Range - Daytrip to north peak of The Geryon and return

Above - Dawn - this was our objective - the left hand (or north) summit of this peak - The Geryon

Above - the north summit is actually in two bits - the left hand end is higher - but it is well worth some more scrambling to get onto the lower bit - on the right that overlooks the middle peak - the "Foresight"

Above - On our way to The Geryon - we circle Lake Elysia. This spot allows us to look back to Mt Gould

Above - Chuin Nee at the Pool of Memories

Above - At the Pool of Memories - we met two other walkers that had camped there - Geoff and Les. Les - was noted wilderness photographer Les Southwell. It was good to have a chat. Here is a photo of me talking to Les - taken by John

Above - Fagus and pandani

Above - Plenty of fagus in the upperpart of Pine valley

Above - John getting close to the Geryon

Above - Chuin Nee on a chockstone bridging a gap

Above - Chuin Nee on the summit. By the time we got on top - it was very misty

Above - Chuin Nee on the way to the southern end of the north summit

Above - Looking down on the Foresight and the South Summit on the right. You can also see some slings left by climbers - their abseil anchor.

Now it was time to descend

Above - On the nearby plateau - is this nice pinnacle - it would not be too hard to jump out onto it - but it would be very scary!

Above - Back at Lake Elysia - Walled Mountain in the mist

Above - Only the very tip of Mt Gould is visible now

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