Tasmania - Central Plateau Walk - 14 - 26 April  2008

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Day 1 - Higgs Track - Lady Lake

We caught a taxi from Deloraine to the start of Higgs Track. This is a good access route onto the Central Plateau. Deloraine is well served by buses from Launceston and the local taxi company knows how to get to the start of the track. In 2008 they have a set fare of $60 to get to the trackhead. Also the information office at Deloraine sells National Park passes and topographic maps. The town also has a large supermarket and a camping/sports store (that may sell fuel?)

Above - The track soon crosses this lively creek

Above - The track climbs steadily (but not too steeply) onto the plateau. There there is an abrupt change in vegetation from beech forest to open moorlands with scattered trees. A short distance  away is lady Lake Hut which provides comfortable accomodation. We started on the track late in the day - so we stayed in the hut the first night. The late afternoon light was very pleasant.

Above - Chuin Nee enjoying the dusk

Day 2 - Lady Lake to Lake Gwendy

Above - dawn

We left the hut and followed the track to Lake Nameless. From there on there is no track to follow but it is very easy to walk cross country through the open moors. The walking and the scenery is delightful.

Above - On earlier trips I had come across these strange pineapple grass formations that I have called "The Rim Lakes"

We continued on to Lake Gwendy - where there is a delightful campsite near the lake. We were treated to another beautiful dusk

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