Lake St Clair Circumnavigation  4 - 12 January 2001

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Above - The big gun of Big Gun Pass

Above - the Acropolis from Mt Massif. Mt Olympus lies behind it on the far left and Lake St Clair is just visible

Above - the highest point visible is Mt Hyperion, which we had climbed earlier that day

Above - Looking down at our campsite on Mt Massif. Mt Ossa lies behind.

Above - Dusk - the Acropolis with Mt Gould behind it just to the right.

Above - Dusk - looking north to the high peaks of the Pelion Range - Perrins Bluff, Mt Thetis, West Pelion and Mt Ossa

Above - is the sun coming back out?

Above - Magic! Sunset on Mt Massif

Day 6

Above - up early for dawn. Would it be any good? Better than the sunset the night before? Lets see....

Above - the Geryon emerging from the valley mist

Above - the Big Gun Pinnacle

Above - sunrise

Above - Alex admires the show

Above - the rising sun starts to evaporate the mist - the show is almost over

Above - Mt Ossa

We head back to the tents and have breakfast.

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