Traverse of the Western and Eastern Arthur Range - January 1999

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Page 2 - High Moor to Federation Peak

Page 1 - Features photos from Mt Hesperus to Lake Oberon

Day 4 - I again got up early - and climbed Mt Columba in time for the sunrise. Some other walkers joined me.

Above - When you get mist and a low sun - you often get a brokenspecre.

Above - I camped on this high part of High Moor - it offered outstanding views of Federation Peak right out of the tent door.

Above - Some other walkers stroll past just a sbig mist rolls in.

Above - Lake Cirona. I camped nearby. This is a beatiful spot and a place I had never camped at before.

Above - Looking back towards Mt Shaula and High Moor on the left

Day 5 - I had a lay day at Lake Cirona - bad weather

Day 6 - Bad weather. I did a short walk to a more sheltered campsite at Promontory Lake and spent the afternoon sitting out bad weather.

Above - Prom Lake is just visible on the left

Day 7 - A long days walk to Pass Creek and then a steep climb up Luckmans Lead - to camp on the top. A place I had camped before and I knew offered great views. A small saok nearby provided water.

Above - Dusk

Above - In the evening - a sea mist rolls in over the Needles

Day 8 - Another fine day. I climb the rest of the range and ascend Federation Peak.

Above - Dawn from my campsite

Above - My goal - Federation Peak is just visible behind the Dial

Above - Looking back down the Eastern Arthur Range from the top of Thwaites Plateau

Above - With fine stable weather - I camped at the top of Thwaites Plateau

Above - Looking back down the range

Day 9 - Back down the Eastern Arthurs to camp at Craycroft Crossing

Day 10 - Back along the Arthur Plains to Huon Camp

Day 11 - Bus back to Hobart

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