Traverse of the Eastern and Western Arthur Ranges - January 1997

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Page 2 - Western Arthurs Traverse

Our party had just travesed the Eastern Arthur Range. We climbed up onto the Western Arthur Range on our seventh day out. Traversing the Crags of Andromeda the weather deteriorated somewhat.

Above - Centaurus Ridge from West Portal

Day 8 - Camp in the Phoenix - Centaurus Saddle to Haven Lake

Above - Vanessa on the way up Mt Scorpio

Above - Haven Lake camp

Day 9 - We walked to High Moor in very poor weather

Above - High Moor

Above - Federation Peak from High Moor

Above - Federation Peak from High Moor

Above - High Moor viewpoint

Above - Dusk ("A red sky at night.....")

Day 2 - Yes a fine day for our walk to Square Lake

Above - Above Lake Uranus

Day 10 - We had camped at Square Lake - we got up early and headed up Mt Sirius for the sunrise.

Above - Morning mist. Mt Hayes pokes out.

Above - Federation Peak - well out of the mist

Above - Mt Hayes

We walked to Huon Camp and caught the bus out the next day.

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