Arthur Range Walk - January 2006 - Part 4

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Day 6 - January 20

Above - Sarah packs up and farewells us. She walks back via Morraine K

Above - View west from the Phoenix

Above - View north-east from the Phoenix - Lakes Venus and Mercury and West Portal and the Crags of Andromeda

Above - Crags below the Phoenix

Above - Looking back (west) from the slopes of West Portal

Above - Western Arthur Peaks from West Portal

Above - West Portal and the Crags of Andromeda

Above - The Crags of Andromeda from Lucifer Ridge

Above - The Crags of Andromeda

Day 7 - January 21

Above - James scrambling near the Boiler Plates

Above - Federation Peak from Stuart Saddle

Above - the Four Peaks

Above - Small pandani near Hanging Lake

Above - Looking back down the Eastern Arthurs

Above - the Four Peaks

Above - the Four Peaks

Above - Bushfire smoke - The Old River Valley. The fire had started on the morning of the day before - lit by a lightning strike on Mt Castor on the Spero Range.

Above - Dusk

Above - Everlasting daisies

Day 8 - January 22

With a a lot of bushfire smoke around - we decided to return as fast as possible back to Pass Creek. We set off from Hanging Lake before 7 am. The day was very windy (westerly winds - so the fire was blowing towards us) and the temperature in Hobart that day was 39° C.

Above - Dawn - the Devils Thumb

Above - Dawn - the Four Peaks - note the bushfire smoke

Above - Dawn

Above - Federation Peak from near Goon Moor

Above - Bushfire plume from near Pass Creek after a very hot windy day. Federation peak just visible on the left and the Dial on the right. We had a 4 hour lunch break at Pass Creek - sheltering in the shade from the heat. This photo was taken just as we left to walk to Craycroft Crossing about 5pm.

Day 9 - January 23

Above - Seven Mile Creek

Above - Native Laurel

Day 10 - January 24

We caught the bus back to Hobart from Scotts Peak Dam

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