The Arthurs - Photographic Essay

All text and images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission

Part 2

Above - The range from afar

Above - Morning mist pouring over the range

Above - Walkers climbing up to a high moor

Above - Above the abyss

Above - Sunlight percolates the mist

Above - Needles of rock

Above - Dusk in the hills

Above - Sandy ripples in a cirque lake

Above - Crags

Above - Icy crags

Above - A serene lake at dusk

Above - Winter range

Above - Sun rays on the crags

Above - Winter peaks

Above - Evening mist

Above - A walker admires the sunrise

Above - A small pine

Above - Snow plastered crags

Above - A winter portal

Above - Evening mist rolls in

Above - Approaching storm

Above - Below the range - a storm approaches

Above - A magic sunrise

Above - Dawn mist amongst the peaks

Above - Winter walker

Above - A stunted tree

Above - Walkers approach an icy summit

Above - Winter walking

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