The Gundungura Project of Sydney University Rover Crew

The Gundungura Guide

Dr Geoff Ford has made a scanned copy of the Gundungura Guide to a large part of the Southern Blue Mountains available in the public domain. Goeff Ford, while a student at Sydney University was the originator of the "Gundungura Project" undertaken by the Sydney University Rover Crew in the 1960's. The results of the project were a large sketch map - The Gundungura Map and this guide book. This guide, which was only printed in a limited number, dates from 1970 and has now become a collectors item for bushwalkers.

You can download the scanned copy here.

Geoff has also prepared a background document to the Gundungura Project - it can be downloaded here.

Gundungura Map

Thanks to Dr Geoff Ford for making scanned copies of this map available. Here you can download these editions -

Gundungura Map - First Edition 1961 (published 1962)

Gundungura Map - Second Edition 1966

Gundungura Map - Third Edition 1970

Nellies Glen Sketchmap

Geoff Ford compiled a sketch map of Nellies Glen that was designed to fill a gap between the Gangerang - Wild Dog Mountains Skecth Map of Myles Dunphy and the familiar areas of Katoomba. This was in 1961.

A pdf of the Nellies Glen Sketchmap can be downloaded here.

Geoff's background notes to the map can be downloaded here.

Thanks to Dr Geoff Ford and to Sydney University Rover Crew and all its members who undertook the research that made the guide and maps possible.