Traverse of the Cameron Mountains - December 85 -January 86

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We had been out 6 days.

Above - Dusk on the sixth day out. The range ahead looks interesting. In fact the climb up onto the peak proved to be one of the trickier parts of the trip.

Above - Dusk

Above - Dusk

Above - Sunset

Above - View from the tops on day 7. More bad weather.

Above - We camped for three nights in a sheltered valley north of Lake Monk and south-east of Rugged Mountain, waiting for bad weather to clear.

Above - Moss and ferns

Above - Fine weather on day 10 - back onto the tops.

Above - The ahead along the range from near Rugged Mountain

Above - Un-named lakes and peak to the west of Rugged Mountain

Above - Open tops ahead

Above - Looking back to Rugged Mountain

Above - Cameron Mountains

Above - Cameron Mountains

Above - On the tops - bad weather

Above - On the tops - bad weather - probably looking towards Lake Poteriteri from near Lake Kakapo

Above - Bad weather

We descended into some valleys and camped near a stream at the end of day 12. The next day we climbed back onto the tops north west of Cone Peak.

Our next campsite was at a small lake south of Sea View Peak in the Heath Mountains.

Over the next two days - we travsersed the Heath Mountains in bad weather to Lake Roe Hut

Above - View from the Heath Mountains

Above - View from the Heath Mountains

Once at Lake Roe - we are abck on a track and we spent the last two days walking to Lake Manapouri via the Dusky Sound Track

Above - The Pleasant Range

Above - The 'interesting' walkwire over the Seaforth River near Loch Maree.

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