Princess Mountains Traverse - February 1979

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission. Some photographs taken by Gordon Thompson.

The Princess Mountains lie in Southern Fiordland between Lake Hauroko and Lake Poteriteri. This was a 15 day trip. We had mainly bad weather on the walk - but a couple of good days on the tops made for a great trip. I had seen photos of the Princess Mountains a few years earlier when the range was traversed by a party from the Kameruka Bushwalking Club (of Sydney). That trip had been organised by NZ based member, Barry Dunnet.

On this trip, Gordon and myself originally intended to traverse the Cameron Mountains to the west. But the bad weather early on the trip meant that that goal was not feasible so we decided to traverse the Princess Mountains instead. Later, in 1986, with others, I returned for another long Fiordland walk traversing the Cameron Mountains.

Above - Dave at Te Anau enjoying some Hokey-Pokey before starting the walk

Above - Gordon near the start of the Dusky Track at the west arm of Lake Manapouri

Above - Dave on a walkwire

Above - Gordon on a walkwire. These were tricky in the rain with big packs.

Above - The Spey Valley

Above - Upper Spey Hut

Above - The Spey Valley

Above - The Spey Valley

Above - Gordon and Dave in the hut

Above - Looking up the upper Spey Valley towards Centre Pass

Above - From Centre Pass - looking back down the Spey Valley

Above - At Centre Pass I climbed up a nearby hill to get this fine view.

Above - views from above Centre Pass

Above - looking back down at Centre Pass

Above - Looking down from Centre Pass at Tripod Hill and Lake Kintail

Above - On the descent - looking out of the rainforest

After a very tricky walkwire over the Seaforth River at Loch Maree we climbed up to a nice campsite on the Pleasant Range

Above - views from the Pleasant Range

Above - Looking down to Dusky Sound

Above - Dusk

Above - Sunset.

Above - next morning - looking down to Dusky Sound

Above - The Pleasant Range

Above - The Pleasant Range


Above - Interesting reading about a previous party from Australia in the Lake Roe Hut logbook

Above - Lake Roe

Above - Lake Roe

Above - Looking to the Princess Mts and the Hauroko Burn from a sidetrip up onto the Merrie Range above Lake Roe

Above - The Merrie Range

Above - Merrie Range

Above - Looking back down to Lake Roe

Above - nearby lake

Above - The Merrie Range

Above - The Merrie Range - Tamatea Peak

Above - The Merrie Range - view from Tamatea Peak

Above - The Merrie Range

Above - Dave back at Lake Roe Hut

Above - Sandflies! View out the window of a hut on the Hauroko Burn

From the north end of Lake Hauroko we traversed around to the northern spur of the Princess Mts and climbed up onto the tops.

Above - Looking down Lake Hauroko

Above - Dave reading the hut logbook

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