The Alpine Pass Route - Switzerland

Meiringen to Mürren (Day 7 and 8)

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Day 7 - 20 September 2008

Above - The walk out of the valley from Meiringen was very pleasant. One highlight was this great view of the Reichenbach Falls which could be obtained a few minutes walk along a side track. For the tourists there was a funicular railway to the base of the falls from the town.

Above - Looking down the Reichenbach Falls from above. There would be no possible way anyone could survive falling down this drop.

Above - the stream above the falls

Above - Trot-bikes could be hired for those who wanted a fast descent back down to Meiringen.

Above - Taking a slower descent to the valley were the cows. It was time for them to leave their summer pastures. They were decorated with flowers and huge cowbells. Their handlers where wearing traditional clothing. It was an amazing site.

Above -  higher up the valley - gradually climbing out of the mist.

Above - sunlight streams through mist in the pine trees.

Above - Further up some great peaks appreared. On the right is the Wetterhorn.

Above - Looking down the valley

Above - Grosse Scheidegg was the pass for the day

Above - In the trees.

Above - At Grosse Scheidegg - the first view of the Eiger (on the right)

Above - From Grosse Scheidegg - I took a variant trail that traversed around to First.

Above - a grand site. Afternoon mist was shrounding the peaks - but occasionally you could see peaks like the spectacular Schreckhorn. The paraglider would have had a good view too!

Above - The Wetterhorn

Above - First - the top of a long gondola from Grindelwald - a nice Bergrestaurant with dormatory accomodation and very fine views indeed.

Above - The Wetterhorn and the Schreckhorn from First

Day 8 - 21 September 2008

It was a beautiful morning - with the valley cobered by thick mist. But we were high up - and had some fantastic views.

Above - Looking at the upper part of the Eigerwand - the north wall (on the right of the sunlit secton).

Above - The Schreckhorn

Above - The gondolas coming out of the mist with the Eiger behind.

Above - It was a long trip down to Grindelwald via the Gonola.

From Grindelwald I walked up to Kleine Scheidegg. Gradually the mist was clearing reveling great views of the north wall of the Eiger

Above - The north wall of the Eiger

Above - The north wall of the Eiger from Kleine Scheidegg

Above - Walkers coming up from the Lauterbrunnen Valley. The trail went down to the valley by the town of Wengen.

Above - Chalet at Wengen.

Above - Wengen - a car free town above the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Above - The Lauterbrunnen Valley.

At Lauterbrunnen - at the floor of the valley I went up a Goldola to Grütschalp and then walked to Mürren - another car free resort high up on the side of the valley.

Above - The Mönch and Jungfrau, a spectacular backdrop on the walk to Mürren

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