The Alpine Pass Route - Switzerland

Kandersteg to Gsteig (Days 11, 12 and 13)

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Day 11 - 24 September 2008

The day started off fine as I walked up out of the valley mist to the next pass. Once over the past, the next valley was clouded over and misty at first.

Above - On the way up to the Bunderchrinde (pass). Kandersteg is in the valley below

Above - Looking up to the Bunderchrinde (2385m) - the last high pass of the trip.

Once over the pass I descended to Adelboden - where I stayed at the Pension Restaurant Ruedy-Hus - which was a bit tricky to find - it was not in the main village (which I had climbed out of the valley floor to reach) - but back down on the valley floor - a little below where the route crossed the river.

Day 12 - 25 September 2008

This was the shortest day of the trip - but it was cool and misty the whole day.

Above - the trail started off going up this stream

Above - a "stone man" in the stream bed.

The pass for the day was the Hahnenmoospass (1956m). It could be reached by gondola and at the top was a ski resort. A large sign reported the temerpature at 1 degree C (and there would also have been a fair wind chill). I was annoyed to have lost one of my gloves the day before.

Above - About to arrive at Lenk. I stayed in the excellent Hotel-Garni Alpina.

Day 13 - 26 September 2008

This day involved crossing two easy passes and each one took me into a delightful valley.

Above - The trail went from Lenk up a stream that had a nice (but short) section of canyon.

Above - Autumn colours

Above - part of the canyon

Above - At Trüttlisberg (2038m) - the first pass. Limestone country - note the dolines.

Above - Looking up towards Wildhorn above Lauenen. Wildstrubel lies to the left (and may be out of the photo).

From Lauenen, a small beautiful town, I crossed another pass (Krinnen Pass) to Gsteig. At Gsteig I stayed at Hotel Bären.

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