The Alpine Pass Route - Switzerland

Elm to Altdorf (Day 3 and 4)

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Day 3 - 16 September 2008

In the morning it was still raining - and probably snowing again high up. The pass - the Richetlipass (2261m) sounded more difficult than the Foopass - so I decided to skip that section. I caught a bus down the valley to Swendl and a train up the next valley to Linthal. I arrived at Linthal around 10am and the weather in that valley was better (or it had started to clear) - so I decided to walk part of the next day's section. The way I went was via a variant - a funicular to Braunwald, then along a path around of the side of the valley heading towards Klausenpass. The third pass of the trip. I stopped short of the pass at the beautiful hamlet of Urnerboden.

Above - From Linthal - looking back in the direction of the Richetlipass.

Above - Linthal - the weather was looking better.

Above - View from near Braunwald

Above - Interesting cliffs

Above - a cow grazes contentedly while I was content to admire the mountains.

Above - nearby mountains.

Above - Approaching Urnerboden. I had to walk along a short section of road to enter the Kanton of Uri. From the yellow sign the track followed close to the river. Klausenpass is at the end of the valley. I caught up to the other walker - she was a lady from Switzerland enjoying a day in the mountains.

Above - Crags to the north

Above - the mist descends

Above - Urnerboden - a beautiful hamlet. A nice place to stay for the night. I stayed at the Gasthaus Urnerboden which proved to be excellent.

Above - Crags above Urnerboden

Above - Crags above Urnerboden

Day 4 - 17 September 2008

At last - a fine morning! It was fine but quite cool. After a good breakfast I left the Gasthaus and headed up the valley towards Klausenpass. The route went along the road for a while and then took shortcuts while the road went up switchbacks. Klausenpass has a road going over it - and it would have been possible to skip the walk and catch a bus to Altdorf - but there was a lot of very fine scenery to enjoy on the way.

Above - Dawn at Urnerboden. Beautiful rugged peaks tower above the hamlet. Below it was cold and frosty.

Above - Higher up the valley - looking back. Frost is still visible in the shady sections below.

Above - icy pool

Above - view of a fine peak from near Klausenpass.

Above - From Klausenpass the road went high on the right, while my trail followed a steep route on the left.

Above - looking down

Above - Looking down the valley in front. The small hamlet of Äsch is below on the left. Further down lies Unterschächen where a side valley comes in on the left. Altdorf lies much further down - in the mist covered part.

Above - Äsch - notable for the huge waterfall just behind the chalets.

Above - Äsch - note the dwarfs and the wood carved figure on the right.

Above - Further down the valley. The trail followed this beutiful stream. Klausenpass lies at the head of the valley.

Above - an interesting fence.

Above - This U shaped valley joins the main valley at Unterschächen.

Above - Unterschächen. I caught a bus from here down to Altdorf.

Above - The William Tell statue at Altdorf.

From Altdorf, I was able to buy more maps for the next few days. It was not too late so I caught a bus to nearby Attinghaussen and from there a gondola to Brüsti. This was a good thing to do. Altdorf was big and bustling, full of tourists. Brüsti - well above, was a lot quieter with magical views.

Above - Looking down at Altdorf, way down at the bottom of the valley from Brüsti. At Brüsti I stayed in the very hospitable Berggasthaus Z'Graggen

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