Maps of the Wollangambe Wilderness

Major Mitchell's Map -

A small section of Major Mitchell's map of the Colony of NSW (1884) of the Wollangambe - Colo country. Note the drainage pattern.

Assumed Drainage Pattern -

Above - For many years it was assumed that Main Creek was a major creek (ie a "main creek" - hence its name) that drained a large part of the country north of Mt Wilson. This assumption was based on observations and plane table surveying from high points that overlooked the country. One person who realized that this may not be the case was Lt Col H G P Clews of the Royal Australian Survey Corps, who was charged with mapping the country around the Colo (1920's and 30's). Clews was one of a small number of people who tried to penetrate this rough country. His attempts to cross the Colo from trips starting near Colo Heights were fraught  with great difficulty. His story has been recorded in the Waysider Magazine (Catholic Bushwalking Club). It was not till aerial photos became available that the correct drainage pattern was determined and the missing bits on the maps could be added.

Actual Drainage Pattern -

It was then that the Wallerawang 1:63,360 Map (1 inch to the mile) sheet was produced (1935) - here is part of it and some closer views -

It was common to see the wrong drainage pattern on maps (eg general road maps) as late as the 1960's and 70's.

On my first trips into the Wollangambe Wilderness we used the Wallerawang sheet. Later in the late 70's 1:25,000 maps became available.

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