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Yarramun and Dumbano

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Yarramun Creek and Dumbano Creeks are major creek systems that flow into Bungleboori Creek. Both of these creeks are major canyons - and both the canyons are long with multiple constrictions. Both creeks also have many side branches and tributaries that are themselves canyons. Also - a number of these side canyons feature tunnels.

Above - aboriginal sharpening grooves on the ridge between Wollangambe and Yarramun Creeks

Above - canyon in the upper part of Yarramun Creek

Above - Yarramun Creek

Above - Bob Sault in Yarramun Tunnel

Above - Yarramun Creek

Above - Yarramun Creek

Above - Yarramun Creek

Above - Yarramun Creek - small arch

Above - Yarramun Creek. Here the party is in the lower constriction. It was later on this trip that Whungee Wheengee Canyon was first fully explored.

Above - spiderweb in a small sidecanyon canyon in the Dumbano headwaters

Above - Dumbano creek has many sidecanyons such as this one

Above - Nic Bendelli abseiling into Dumbano Creek at the junction between the north and south branches (circa 1974)

Above - Kate Warren and Gordon Thompson in Dumbano Canyon

Above - in Dumbano Canyon

Above - in Dumbano Canyon

Above - Jack Higgs in a long narrow tunnel that is a sidecanyon to Dumbano Creek

Above - Camp in Dumbano Creek under a large chockstone

Above - Ashley Burke looking into the magnificent lower constriction of Dumbano Canyon

Above - Tom Williams in Dumbano Canyon

Above - Chris Cosgrove in Dumbano Canyon

Above - Dumbano Creek

Above - delicate rock formation above Dumbano Creek

Above - Lyn Starmer and Geoff Grace climbing out of Bungleboori Creek at the Dumbano junction. On this trip, circa 1980, we attempted to cross Bungleboori Creek north branch via what is now called Hole in the Wall Canyon. Being August, we climbed out of the canyon and crossed the creek upstream. After camping in the creek, we climbed out to the north and noted (but did not explore) another canyon (now called Banks Canyon)

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