Bylong Labyrinth

All photographs © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

The Bylong labyrinth lies in the northwestern corner of the Blue Mounains Wilderness. It contains high basalt peaks, complex pagoda ridge systems, unexplored sandstone canyons, excellent creeks and gorges and probably the highest density of volcanic necks in the wilderness (there are at least 27 of them).

Above - Adrian Teague admired the Bylong country

Above - The Bylong Labyrinth

Above - Pagodas

Above - Pagodas

Above - Tom Williams looking ahead at a complex ridge

Above - A typical Bylong creek

Above - Adrian Teague on the Acrostic Ridge

Above - Bylong country

Above - Airdrie Long, with Heidi and Patricia in the Bylong Labyrinth

Above - Chris Cosgrove and Bob Sault looking into a canyon

Above - Tom Williams looking into a canyon

Above - Tightrope Mountain. On this trip we tried to climb the mountain from this side (the south). We were  unsuccessful.

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